What Happens When a Flower Blooms in Pikmin Bloom?


The game creators did their best to make the process of playing Pikmin Bloom as exciting as possible. Pikmin can perform multiple actions, including planting flowers during the process of world exploration. This article is a detailed guide about the process of flower blooming. Let’s dive into the topic to determine what happens when a flower blooms in the game.

​The Process of Flower Blooming: What Happens During This Period?

In case a flower is planted near a big flower, it will contribute to their growth and better blooming, with the color petal influencing what they can become. When a flower blooms, it will drop a fruit. When you are walking around and planting flowers, this way you will contribute to the process of a big flower growing. This is rather helpful as, during the process of the flower blooming, you will have the possibility to locate the new items for your Pikmin to gather through expeditions.

There is one more important thing we need to highlight: in case you notice that a big flower somewhere near you is blooming at the moment, there is a chance for you to locate rare items somewhere nearby. By rare items, we mean such items as glowing fruit, for example, that are available via Expeditions. You will be able to determine what type of items are available by judging the flower mark located next to it on the Expeditions tab.

So, now you know what happens when a flower blooms in Pikmin Bloom. Plant the flowers in the game and get some perks while it blooms!

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What Happens When a Flower Blooms in Pikmin Bloom?


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