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What Happens If You Don’t Get Married In Story of Seasons

What Happens If You Don’t Get Married In Story of Seasons
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Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is unique to all other games of the franchise because it puts a lot of emphasis on social interaction and building relationships with people. Because of the way the story goes and the fact it actually has an endgame, you’re supposed to find a partner before the end of the first year. By the 10th day of winter, you need to have gotten engaged to one of the eight candidates in the game. However, what happens if you don’t do that? Can you continue on in the solo life or will something else happen? This is what to expect if you choose to stay single in Story of Seasons.

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What To Do If You Forget To Date A Candidate

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Basically, this is the fail-safe option for players who either completely forgot to pursue a spouse or weren’t interested in one, the emergency button if you will. Unfortunately, it’s something of a prerequisite, so if you need to, just choose the character you like the most and ignore them for the rest of the game.

How Arranged Marriages Work In Story Of Seasons

What’s going to happen is that at the end of the year, a cutscene will occur where Takakura will tell you that someone is hanging out outside the farm who looks nervous. The following sequence will play out depending on which candidates you are the friendliest with. A screen will pop up with their names and the one you choose is the one who will propose to you. In the next scene, they’ll talk to you and give their own in-character reason for wanting to be your partner. If you accept, the first chapter of the game will be completed.

You can’t get past the first part of the game without marriage, so if you refuse the proposal, the game will end and you’ll go back to wherever your last save point was. In short, nothing bad will happen, but you’ll have to take the plunge eventually.

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What Happens If You Don’t Get Married In Story of Seasons