What Does the Supplementaries Mod Add to Minecraft? – Answered

Supplementaries mod for Minecraft

After playing Minecraft for a long time, most players would get bored of the vanilla gameplay. Luckily, Minecraft boasts a massive modding community who have created thousands of unique mods. With these mods, players can improve existing features or add entirely new features to the game. In this guide, we talk about features of the Supplementaries Mod Add to Minecraft.

Supplementaries Mod for Minecraft

Supplementaries mod adds many new blocks, items, and features to Minecraft. Players can install this mod to get new redstone blocks, decorative blocks, tools, foods, and items. Here is a list of all the things added by the Supllementaries Mod to Minecraft:

Redstone Blocks

  • Wind Vane: Outputs redstone signal depending on the weather condition
  • Cog Block: A better and improved version of the regular redstone block
  • Spring Launcher: A type of piston but works on entities only
  • Speaker: Send messages to all players within a certain radius
  • Turn Table: Changes the orientation of other blocks
  • Pulley: Works like a real-life pulley
  • Clock: An improved version of clock item
  • Dispenser Minecart: A minecart with dispenser
  • Bellows: Uses the power of air
  • Redstone illuminator: similar to redstone lamps
  • Crank: An analog redstone lever
  • Faucet: A powerful multi-purpose block
  • Magma Cube Block: Similar to slime blocks
  • Hourglass: Works like a natural hourglass
  • Sconce Lever: A mix of sconce and lever

Decorative blocks

  • Globe
  • Pedestal
  • Flags
  • Present
  • Ash
  • Soap
  • Notice Board
  • Fodder
  • Bamboo Spikes
  • Planter
  • Hanging Signs
  • Blackboard
  • Framed blocks
  • Daub and Wattle & Daub
  • Safe
  • Netherite doors and trap doors
  • Gold doors and trap doors
  • Iron gates
  • Ropes
  • Flint block
  • Feather block
  • Doormat
  • Sconce, Candelabras, and Candle Holders
  • Signs
  • Flower Box
  • Statue
  • Copper and Crimson Lanterns
  • Sack
  • Goblets
  • Cages
  • Jars and more

Tools, Foods, and Items

  • Slingshot: It fires blocks
  • Flute: Can summon nearby pets
  • Stasis enchantment: A new enchantment for slingshots and bubble blowers
  • Wrench: Used for rotating rotatable blocks
  • Soap: has many uses related to cleaning
  • Bomb and the blue bomb: An explosive projectile
  • Rope arrow: A useful tool for explorers
  • Bubble blower: A fun item to create bubbles
  • Antique ink: changes font of signs to a fancy “Antiquable” font
  • Key: used to lock safes
  • Candy: A simple food with side effects when eaten too much
  • Pancakes: Another food item
  • Flax seeds: A new plant seed

Supplementaries mod adds new features while staying true to vanilla features. All of these newly added blocks and items work perfectly with existing features. Interested players can download this mod from here. Supplementaries mod will make Minecraft fun again for bored players.

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What Does the Supplementaries Mod Add to Minecraft? – Answered


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