What does Lightborn do in Dead by Daylight Mobile


In Dead by Daylight, there is a tonne of different tools that are created to help the killer to kill and the survivor survive. One of such features is perks. It is a special system that allows you to incrementally update your character by updating the character’s weak points.

Lightborn Perk in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Lightborn is one of the most discussed perks in the game. And players have divided into 2 groups. The first group considers this perk quite powerful, and the second thinks that Lightborn perk is trash. So, where is the truth?

This perk gives you resistance to flashlights which are used by survivors to blind killers when they want to escape from them. So, it is obvious that this perk is extremely helpful when more than 2 survivors have a flashlight on them. Every time they try to flash you, you get a free hit. Additionally, you get a wallhack for a few seconds, and it can be easily used against survivors.

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However, you can deal with the flashlight by simply checking around you. You also need to know that survivors tend to not use flashlights to make this perk useless.

And additionally, there is infectious fright, which allows you to see where survivors are around you. And it devalues the lighborn perk efficiency.

So, it is obvious that you should not use this perk while playing as a killer. However, if there are 3 or 4 survivors using flashlights, you will benefit from using Lighborn.

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What does Lightborn do in Dead by Daylight Mobile


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