As soon as you start playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will be introduced to a bunch of small-ish creatures called Sugar Gnomes. These Gnomes are NPCs, so you cannot add them to your squad.

Sugar Gnomes live in those tiny Gnome huts. When they are idle, they roam around your kingdom. If you are wondering why you need these Gnomes, here’s your answer!

Sugar Gnomes in Cookie Run: Kingdom – Why do You Need Them?

You need Sugar Gnomes to build stuff. If you have ever played Clash of Clans, then you might be familiar with Builders and Builders’ Hut. Sugar Gnomes play a similar role in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Sugar Gnomes in Cookie Run Kingdom
Sugar Gnome (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

When you step into your kingdom, the Sugar Gnomes and Gingerbrave show you around the kingdom. Later in the game, the Gnomes pop up in many such tutorials.

Just as there are Cookie Houses, the Sugar Gnomes have their own little huts. In fact, there’s a whole decor set dedicated to the Gnomes.

Sugar Gnomes in Cookie Run Kingdom
Sugar Gnome huts and decor in Cookie Run Kingdom

Initially, you get two Sugar Gnomes and Gnome huts. An additional Sugar Gnome and hut can be unlocked later for 800 crystals.

Sugar Gnomes do the job of constructing, expanding, and upgrading your kingdom. To set up any new building, you need Sugar Gnomes. For clearing the forest too, you need Gnomes. Sugar Gnomes also level up buildings, Castle, Fountains, and more.

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