What do Star Levels Do in Clash Royale

What do Star Levels Do in Clash Royale

Star Levels and Star Points have been in Clash Royale for a while now, and with so many new features and additions, it can be hard to really understand what each one does. Each character card currently in Clash Royale has one of three Star Levels attached to it. You can choose to have a Star Level one, Star Level two, or Star Level three character card. But what do these Star Levels truly do in Clash Royale? In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know.

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What do Star Levels Do in Clash Royale?

Star Levels are unlocked upon reaching King Level 6 and are purely used as a card cosmetic improvement in Clash Royale. These can be thought of as a way to flaunt your character in a battle and differentiate them from the crowd. You can use Star Points to upgrade Clash Royale Star Levels and can be used to upgrade level 7, 10, and 13 cards.

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You will be able to start collecting Star Points after reaching King Level 6. Star Points will appear in the Experience bar in the top right and can be toggled to switch between them. Currently, not all cards can be upgraded to level two or level three, but this can change with future updates. Here’s a list that reveals the amount of Star Points you can get depending on the rarity of the card you receive it from:

  • Common – 1 Star Point
  • Rare – 10 Star Points
  • Epic – 100 Star Points
  • Legendary – 1000 Star Points

Also, when max-level cards are bought from the Shop, they are automatically converted to Star Points. 

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What do Star Levels Do in Clash Royale


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