What Do Goats Eat in Minecraft? Answered

Goats have been in the game since the release of Update 1.17. If you want to learn a little more about the goat in Minecraft, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material below. In this guide, we will focus on one of the most important issues and tell you what goats eat in Minecraft.

What Do Goats Eat In Minecraft?

The goats will always move after the character if he is holding wheat in his hand within a radius of 10 blocks. And this same wheat is needed to feed them. 

As soon as two goats are fed, a new small goat will appear. At the same time, the breeding rules do not differ practically from many other animals, like cows and sheep. Therefore, the process of growing a goat takes 20 minutes (1 game day), but if you feed it with the same wheat, then the time for growing up will be reduced. And as soon as you feed and tame them, you will be able to milk goats.

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How to Milk Goats in Minecraft?

All that is required for this process is an empty iron bucket. With a bucket in hand, you need to go to the fed goat to press RMB. As a result, you will get a bucket of milk. Moreover, it is no different from the milk that can be obtained by milking cows. So it will help remove many of the effects and can also serve as a crafting ingredient. And finally, if you wish, you can milk the goat an infinite number of times since there are no limits.


Goats in Minecraft are useful animals, just like cows. Therefore, it is quite profitable to breed them. They can become a stable food source for the character. In addition, they drop a unique resource – a goat’s horn.

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