In Minecraft, cats are rare, passive, and shy animals. Cats are initially neutral mobs, so they never attack players, but they can attack chickens without any reason in order to subsequently eat them. And, as a rule, these cats are caught so that they help scare off creepers from the house when they try to get to the player. In this guide, we will tell you what cats eat in Minecraft. You will need this info to tame them.

What Do Cats Love to Eat In Minecraft?

All cats presented in the game like raw salmon or raw cod and nothing else. With the help of this food, you can not only increase the level of trust but also restore their health. One fish restores two hearts of a cat, and they have 10 hearts in total.

There are ten types of cats in Minecraft, and they all eat the same food. The cat you want to tame absolutely always tries to get as slowly as possible to the character who is holding either raw salmon or raw cod in his hands, within a radius of 10 blocks. You will need to spend several minutes feeding them, and as a result, they will be tamed. 

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