Cats in Minecraft are passive, tameable creatures who only attack rabbits, chickens, and baby turtles. Players can find cats in villages, and in swamp huts (also known as witch huts) a rare structure found in swamps.

In villages stray cats spawn as long as there are villagers and beds (1 cat for every 4 beds), to a maximum of 5 cats. The beds must be claimed by villagers for the cats to spawn. 25% of cats spawned are kittens, and during a full moon 50% of spawned cats are black. When a stray cat spawns in a village, and they are not tamed, they will roam and chase rabbits, baby turtles, and chickens.

In swamp (or witch) huts a stray black cat spawns alongside a witch at world creation (witches do not spawn if difficulty is set to Peaceful) and any additional cats that spawn in that area will also be black.

A Swamp Hut or Witch Hut

If players sleep at night the cat has a higher chance of bringing you a disgusting but useful gift when you wake. These gifts can be:

  • Rabbit foot
  • Rabbit hide
  • String
  • Rotten flesh
  • Feather
  • Raw chicken
  • Phantom membrane

Taming a stray cat

The behaviour of Minecraft cats is not unlike cats in the real world. They can be skittish, are motivated by food, and you have to be quiet and slow around them and allow them to approach you first. Here are some tips to taming a stray cat:

  • Sneak around them in an attempt to not scare them off
  • Hold raw cod or raw salmon to tempt them over to you
  • Stay still within 10 blocks and they will approach you if you are holding the fish
  • Do not move, drop the fish, or turn your head quickly or they will run off again
A stray tuxedo cat and a tame tuxedo cat with red collar

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Players will know when the cat is tamed as it purrs and meows at you constantly, isn’t afraid of you any more, and follows you around. You can tell the cat to sit by tapping on the cat, and if you hold the fish while doing so the cat will sit, eat the fish, and enter ‘love mode’. If you need to get the cat to sit and stay, or move and come to you, the fish is always the key motivator.

Achievements can be gained from taming cats: receive a gift from a cat in the morning and gain the Where Have You Been? achievement; befriend 20 stray cats and gain the Plethora of Cats achievement; tame all 11 different cat types and gain A Complete Catalogue achievement; tame any type of animal (including cats) and gain the Best Friends Forever achievement.

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