What Changes are Coming to Clash Royale in Season 34 Update


Clash Royale is an exciting strategy game for mobile devices. Players fight in real-time on a small map using different characters. All characters have unique abilities, which allows you to create different teams. The game constantly comes with updates that make the game more balanced. And in this guide, we will tell you about the Season 34 Update.

Changes in Season 34 Update

The new update will be released on April 4th and will mainly consist of balancing different units. Here is a list of all changes:

  • Electro Giant – Its health and attack power will be reduced by 15%, but it will cost 7 Elixir.
  • Elixir Collector – After the destruction of this mechanism, the player will receive a guaranteed Elixir, but the generation rate will be reduced.
  • Mirror – Level buff will be increased to 2.
  • Ice Spirit – This unit after its release has become quite unpopular, so to fix this, the developers will increase its Freeze duration by 30%.
  • Archers – This unit’s attack speed will be increased by 9%.
  • Giant Skeleton – His hit speed and health will be increased by 7%.
  • Golden Knight – His range will be increased to 6.

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  • Mega Knight – The damage from the spawn of this unit will be reduced by 20%.
  • Valkyrie – Her health will be reduced by 4%.
  • Graveyard – Instead of 15 skeletons, only 14 will spawn.
  • Archer Queen – Her hit speed ​boost will be reduced to 180%.
  • Ram Rider – Bola Snare’s effect reduced to 70%.
  • Tombstone – Spawn rate will increase by 2% and spawn pause will increase to 3.5 seconds.

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What Changes are Coming to Clash Royale in Season 34 Update


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