What Are Weekly and Custom Packs in Super Auto Pets? – Answered


Weekly and Custom packs are 2 different game modes. It is necessary to talk about them only separately. So, it will be done in this guide. If you want to understand what is the difference between them and how to play these modes, just read this guide.

Custom Packs in Super Auto Pets

Custom Packs is a completely new game mode in Super Auto Pets. This mode allows you to pick any pets to create a team. After that, you will be supposed to fight against enemies and win. However, this mode is not as simple as it might seem at first. You will need some strong combination to win in this mode. So, here is the strategy.

White Tiger Lynx Combo

In this deck, there are two main pets: white tiger and lynx. However, you need to have three lynx to make this build truly fun and strong. Also, you need to use the tank unit at the front line. How does it work? The white tiger throws the chocolate and makes units behind him stronger. Stats that tiger increase depend on the summary team level. After that, lynx become overpowered and can easily win any opponent.

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Weekly Packs in Super Auto Pets

The weekly pack is the second interesting mode that allows you to earn trophies. However, this mode is slightly harder than Custom Packs. In this mode, you need to create your team from scratch. Here is the disadvantage. Weekly Packs is quite random. You might get strong pets, and might not. Depends on your luck.

Also, the rules of the Weekly Pack change one time per week. So, every week you will be supposed to play in new conditions. Generally, you have to be skilled enough to play and win in this mode. So, it is recommended to play Custom Packs first. That is all. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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What Are Weekly and Custom Packs in Super Auto Pets? – Answered


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