How to Play Turtle in Super Auto Pets

How to Play Turtle in Super Auto Pets

When playing Super Auto Pets, you can create incredible strategies and combinations using animals and their unique abilities. There are a lot of winning strategies in the game, but some pets are not the main part of any popular strategy. These are support animals that will help you survive several battles while you search for the necessary pets. One of these animals is a turtle and in this article, we will tell you how to play with it.

How to Play Turtle in Super Auto Pets

Turtle is a level 3 pet that will help you protect your pets well in combat, especially in the early stages of the game.

Turtle abilities:

  • Level 1 Faint: Give friend behind Melon Armor.
  • Level 2 Faint: Give 2 friends behind Melon Armor.
  • Level 3 Faint: Give 3 friends behind Melon Armor.

Once a pet gains Melon Armor, it can reduce incoming damage by up to 20 points. This effect only works during one attack and will be deactivated if the pet takes even 1 damage during this attack.

The turtle ability is very useful as you don’t need to buy Melon to get the effect, so you don’t have to spend coins.

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We advise you to use the turtle as soon as you get it if your strategy is based on increasing the statistics of your pets. In this case, you need to put the turtle in front of your pet with the highest stats, so that they would get Melon Armor, and ideally be able to destroy 2-4 enemy pets.

We also note that if you play on the strategies of the summoner, then the effect of the turtle will be completely useless, which means there is no point in buying it.

After the release of a new update in the game, new strategies began to appear for strawberry friends, which after a couple of battles became incredibly powerful. In such strategies, it makes sense to upgrade the turtle to level 3 and use it until the end of the game, as you can strengthen an already powerful combo.

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How to Play Turtle in Super Auto Pets


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