What Does Strawberry Do in Super Auto Pets? – Answered

What Does Strawberry Do in Super Auto Pets? - Answered

In Auto Pets, in between battles, you can buy various animals that enhance your strategy and increase your chances of winning. But besides animals, you can also buy various products. By feeding these products to your pets, they will receive various boosts. There are a lot of these products, and in this article, we will talk about one of them, namely Strawberry.

What Does Strawberry Do in Super Auto Pets? – Answered

Strawberry is new pet food that was added to the game most recently, along with the addition of Expansion Pack #2. Along with this update, 55 new animals were also added to the game, and this is an important clarification, as some animals have a game value only if you use strawberries.

Sounds weird, but let’s figure it out.

Let’s start with the fact that the strawberry’s description says “Enables Strawberry abilities.” This means that by feeding strawberries to some of the animals, you can activate the abilities of these or other animals.

It will become more clear to you if you figure out which animals interact with strawberries and what effects are activated at the same time.


Start of battle: Give +2/+2 to a Strawberry friend.


Sell: Give a random Strawberry friend +1/+2.

Atlantic Puffins

Start of battle: Deal 2 damage for each friendly Strawberry pet to an enemy.


Faint: Give Strawberry friends +1/+1.


End turn: Gain +1/+1 for each friendly Strawberry pet up to 1.


End turn: Give two other Strawberry pets +1/+1.


End turn: Give other Strawberry pets +1/+1.


Start of battle: Give Coconut to 1 random Strawberry friend(s).

For all animals, at the second and third levels, the effect will be 2 and 3 times stronger, respectively.

In the description of the abilities of these animals, you may have noticed a new inscription “Strawberry friend.” For an animal to become a Strawberry friend, you need to feed strawberries to any animal on your team. After that, the effects of animals that have “Strawberry” in their abilities will interact with those animals that ate strawberries. For example, if you feed 1 strawberry to each of your animals, and put Hummingbird on the playing field, then at the beginning of each battle, all your animals will receive +2/+2.

We also note that it is enough for an animal to feed only one strawberry. If you feed them more than one berry, the effect will not change, and you will just spend an extra coin.

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What Does Strawberry Do in Super Auto Pets? – Answered


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