What Are the Differences Between the Servers and Gameplay in Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom is a very popular RPG for mobile devices. This is a game about the adventures of different Cookies who fight monsters. Players can collect different teams and also compete with other players in the arena. The game also has three servers, and in this guide, we will tell you about the difference between them.

The Difference Between Servers

Cookie Run Kingdom has three different servers that players can choose from before creating an account. There is a slight difference between them, but it does not apply to story, quest, rewards, and chances in Gacha. Let’s look at each in detail.

The first server is called Pure Vanilla Server. It has been around since the release of the game. And for this reason, there is a difference. There are a lot of players on this server, and most of them are advanced players. Therefore, any competitive events and activities will be more difficult on this server.

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The second server is called Hollyberry Server. This server appeared less than a year after the release of the game. And it represents an average difficulty level. Players on this server will be able to achieve a high rank without any problems and get a lot of crystals for Gacha.

And the last server is called Dark Cacao Server. It became available on April 18, so it is currently the easiest server in the game. Therefore, if you are just starting to play, Dark Cacao Server is ideal for you. However, this will change over time, and all competitive activities and events will be about the same difficulty as on Hollyberry Server.

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What Are the Differences Between the Servers and Gameplay in Cookie Run Kingdom


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