What are Froglights and How to Get them in Minecraft


The Wild Update brought an influx of blocks and items to Minecraft. Mojang added the anticipated frogs along with new resources to collect. These croaking amphibians have come with new light sources called froglights, and here is how to get them in Minecraft.

How to Get Froglights in Minecraft

Froglight is a light source block in Minecraft. As one might guess from its name, froglight blocks are related to frogs. In order to obtain froglights, players will first have to find frogs in Minecraft. Frogs spawn naturally in two biomes only: swamps and mangrove swamps.

Players can find orange frogs in swamps, whereas mangrove swamps are home to white frogs. Green frogs do not spawn naturally in any biome. Tadpoles grown in cold biomes turn into green frogs. After finding frogs, players will then need to bring them to the Nether realm.

When a frog eats a small magma cube, it drops a froglight block. Thus, players will also have to search for magma cubes. Fortunately, these bouncy creatures spawn everywhere in the Nether. Basalt deltas are the best place to find magma cubes in the Nether realm. Players interested in farming froglight blocks can use the magma cube spawner found inside bastion remnants.

Using slimeballs, players can lure frogs closer to magma cubes. Once frogs detect small magma cubes, they will catch them using their long tongue and drop froglight blocks. That’s it! Instead of bringing frogs to the Nether, players can teleport magma cubes to the Overworld.

As of right now, there are three variations of froglight blocks. Depending on the frog’s color, players can get the following froglights:

Frog typeFroglight color

Because of their different colors, froglights can easily fit into many Minecraft builds. It is an excellent alternative to block-shaped light sources such as sea lanterns, glowstones, redstone lamps, etc.

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What are Froglights and How to Get them in Minecraft


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