What are Frantic Items in Mario Kart 8? All Frantic Items Explained


Mario Kart 8 is the best racing game to play with friends, especially online with different multiplayer modes. There are so many tracks to race on, and great characters to use, so the fun is endless! There is the option to turn on ‘Frantic Mode’ before you start up a new game- but what is this exactly? Find out below all about it in our guide: What are Frantic Items in Mario Kart 8? All Frantic Items Explained.

Frantic Items in Mario Kart 8 Explained

Turning on the option to have Frantic Items in your next match is a good way to shake things up, and add a bit of chaotic fun to your game. Players can change this, along with other features, in the customisation options.

frantic-items.large mario kart 8
Customisation of items in Mario Kart 8 (via Nintendo)

Players can customise what type of items appear in the game including:

  • Normal Items
  • Shells Only
  • Bananas Only
  • Mushrooms Only
  • Bob-Ombs Only
  • No Items
  • No Items or Coins
  • Frantic Items

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By selecting Frantic Items, players will be changing up how the game is balanced during a race. Normally those at the back of the race will be awarded powerful items to help them catch up with the rest, while the ones at the front will be awarded less powerful items because they are already doing so well.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart 8 gameplay (via Nintendo)

When Frantic Items is enabled, all players will be given the most powerful items, the ones that cause the most destruction and mayhem! This means more Banana Skins, more Lightning, and more Shells than usual.

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Any items that can cause absolute craziness will be gifted to players through the race. Players left and right will be slipping, exploding, and being hit with shells. If this is your choice, it may be fair to ask your friends who are playing along with you if they are up for the chaotic challenge of Frantic Item mode! Good luck.

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What are Frantic Items in Mario Kart 8? All Frantic Items Explained


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