If you like fighting big monsters, then the Bounties in Cookie Run: Kingdom are definitely for you. In many ways, Bounties are like daily quests. Every day, you get to play and win the Bounties three times.

To view and play the day’s Bounties, tap on the Bounty area. Winning Bounties will give you coins and Skill Powders. Here’s a guide on how to play the Daily Bounties.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Play the Bounties?

cookie run kingdom bounty

Head over to the squar-ish section on the left of the Cookie Castle. Tap on it to view the day’s Bounty. If there are two bosses, you can choose to battle one of them and head over to the second one later.

For each day of the week, there’s a different boss battle. If you play the Friday and Saturday Bounties, you get several types of Skill Powders. On Sundays, the Bounties will give you all types of Skill Powders but in lesser quantities.

cookie run kingdom bounties
Today’s Bounties (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

There are 9 bosses featuring in the Bounties. Each Bounty has 10 levels that get increasingly difficult. Unless you win a Bounty, the number of attempts won’t drop. This means you can replay the level without risking any attempts.

You get three attempts at Bounties every day. You can buy additional attempts with crystals. If you have a Kingdom Pass, you will have five attempts.

You will encounter notorious bosses like –

Tainted Forest Druid

Pomegranate Scarab

Raging Cake Boar

Solid Black Sugar Golem

Elite Ginkgoblin Sniper

Cake Hound Den

Elite Poison Shroomer

Nightsky Squid

Labyrinth Tactician

Along with this, you get three random bonus effects. These are quite random and differ for every boss. For instance, you might get a 1.5% boost on ATK for DPS Cookies.

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