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How to Unlock Windmill in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Unlock Windmill in Cookie Run: Kingdom

If you like building games like HayDay but you’re also into PvPs and PvEs, then we have a perfect game for you. Cookie Run: Kingdom has everything – Cookies, a gripping story, and a mighty kingdom to build.

As your kingdom levels up, you unlock more and more buildings. The windmill is one such Goods Building wherein you produce one of the raw materials – Biscuit Flour. Read on to find out how to unlock the Windmill.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get and Use the Windmill

windmill cookie run kingdom
Windmill in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you have just started playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, then it’ll be a while before you unlock the Windmill. You will have to upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 3. The Windmill will appear in the Build List right after the upgrade is completed.

To build the Windmill, you will need 20 Roll Cake Wood, 3 Candy Saw, and some coins. It will take 20 minutes for construction. The Windmill has three production slots and you buy the additional slots with crystals.

Windmill Cookie run kingdom
Windmill Production Options (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

At level 1, you can produce 3 Packs of Biscuit Flour for 200 coins and it takes 10 minutes to make. Similarly, you can produce Biscuit Flour Sack and Biscuit Flour Cart at levels 2 and 3.

Initially, you won’t need the Biscuit Flour that frequently. However, once the Barrel Inn is built, you will need to ramp up the production a bit.

When you upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 7, you can build one more Windmill.

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How to Unlock Windmill in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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