What Are Archer Towers in Clash of Clans

What are Archer Towers in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans offers players a wide variety of items to customize and set up their Home Village. The game is all about building a great home base that is immune to attacks and enemy raids. Among the many things you can position in your Home Village in Clash of Clans, one such item is Archer Towers. But what exactly is Archer Towers?

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What are Archer Towers in Clash of Clans

Archer Towers in Clash of Clans are a single-target defense in the Home Village. These can deal damage to both ground and aerial troops and are unlocked at Town Hall 2. It is also one of the original defenses of the game and was first added in 2012.

Due to their versatility and range, Archer Towers can be placed on the outer edge of the village. Players should also place all of the other defenses within range of at least one Archer Tower, to maximize damage. The Archer Tower has a large range of 10 tiles which drops to 7 if players “gear up” the Archer Tower. Although, this will increase damage per second.

However, Archer Towers in Clash of Clans only target a single enemy at a time, which can be overcome by placing a Wizard Tower or Air Bomb near them.

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What Are Archer Towers in Clash of Clans


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