How to Get Siege Machine in Clash of Clans

The Ways of Getting Siege Machine in Clash of Clans

Do you love playing Clash of Clans? Then we have some valuable information for you! Multiple players inquire about the details about Siege Machines and the ways of getting them. They are some of the most useful things at your disposal. If you have not heard of them before, these are special troops one can use to carry and deploy their Clan Castle troops on the fields of the battles.

These machines’ gameplay is unique. The players can transport and deploy the Clan Castle troops they got in the form of donations on the field of a battle.

Do you want to know the ways of getting them? Great? Keep reading the guide to find this out!

The Ways of Getting Siege Machine in Clash of Clans

Several Siege Machines can complete the tasks differently: Battle Blimp, Log Launcher, Siege Barracks, Stone Slammer, and Wall Wrecker. To release the Clan Castle troops on the battlefield, one must destroy the Siege Machine.

In case you need to get this type of machine, we will gladly help you out. One can build them on Siege Workshop. Keep in mind that it requires a Town Hall 12.

Moreover, these machines can be donated starting from the sixth level of the game and the tenth level of a Town Hall. Once these levels are reached, you will get a possibility to request the machines to your clanmates as donations.

Make sure to upgrade them in the Laboratory with Elixir.

Now you know how to get Siege Machines in the game. Enjoy playing!

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How to Get Siege Machine in Clash of Clans


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