WarCards are premium items in the recently launched WarFriends game that we’ve talked about already in our tips and tricks article. However, since they are so important, I’ve decided to write a complete guide to WarCards in War Friends and share with you details on a feature that many people seem to get confused over: how to craft a Gold WarCard in the game.

That whole crafting thing is required if you want to complete the Starter Assignments – which are the missions every new player gets and, if completed, they offer amazing rewards. And the 9th requirement of this set of missions is to craft a Gold WarCard in WarFriends.

So… how to do this?

It’s actually pretty simple, but you have to play the game a bit: you need to collect at least three silver WarCards in order to be able to craft the Gold Card. In order to do so, all you have to do is to go to the Warcards menu and select the Crafting tap in the upper left corner. Drag three Silver Cards and pay the money for crafting your Gold Card. That’s it!

warfriends craft gold warcard

In order to get more WarCards, you can and should join a Squad to collect one for free from your squad mates every 4 hours, play a game after unlocking the WarCards or watch ads in order to get a free random one. Of course, you can also spend some Gold (the in-game premium currency) in order to get a card pack – and it goes by the rule that the higher its cost, the better the cards inside.

WarCard tips & tricks

These War Cards are extremely useful and you should not start to ignore them once you complete the Starter Assignments as they can really change the course of battle. There are a few things you should consider in order to get the most out of them and we’re now going to talk about these strategies and tips on how to use them:

– Select the three War Cards you bring in battle based on your favorite strategies. Try to have varied cards and remember that you don’t have to use them: unused cards will be still kept in your inventory!

– Only use WarCards if really needed and if you are sure they will help you win the game. Wasting them in a battle that you will lose is not a good idea. Wait to see if your opponent plays Warcards and consider the basic stats of their troops and weapons. If they are all better than yours and they also use WarCards, it’s wiser to just take the loss and save your cards for when they can make a difference!

– Get more WarCards by logging in daily, completing the daily missions every day, checking out your Squad Cardpool and selecting the best cards available there and by purchasing card packs from the store. This is, in my opinion, the only thing you should be spending Premium Currency on unless you really want a specific weapon!

– What are the best cards? The truth is that each WarCard can prove to be extremely useful. Their usefulness depends on the type of game that it’s played and what your opponent does. Usually, when choosing a card from the Squad’s cardpool, if the regular cards are poor, I would always go for getting a Hero card and either choose a Defensive hero (as they are great to protect you from rushers) or a Sniper as they can really take out enemies and help you out a lot.

These would be my tips and tricks for using and collecting War Cards in War Friends. If you have more suggestions, strategies or tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


  1. only craft crate and some shield cards basically I craft silver ammo theif but some bronze u can some are kinda godo better to use them I don’t always need cards to win but pretty much all my matchs I get a disadvantage cant buy all they have with the gold I have


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