Welcome to Warframe, the world of raging wars and high technology! You play for the Tenno against many opponents, including Grineer. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the weaknesses of Grineer. If you know the enemy’s weak spots, you’re halfway to victory.

Who Are the Grineer?

The Grineer are the first rivals you encounter as Tenno after the long, long sleep-like state.

The product of genetic modification of clones, the Grineer have taken the lands which once belonged to the collapsed Orokin Empire, and have become the cruel masters of various planets. After encountering the Orokin twins, the Grineers proclaimed them as their Queens. During battle, the Grineer are equipped with weighty armor and use the tactics of exhaustion and ambuscade against their enemies. Their weapon types vary from streams of fire to technically improved arsenal. They are vulnerable in single combat, but are considered dangerously powerful when gathered into groups.

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What are the Grineer’s Weaknesses?

There are various types of Grineer, and some of them may have different traits. By knowing at least the common weak points of their kind, you’ll have a chance to overpower them and win.

Grineer use two types of armor. Bombardiers wear alloy armor, and they are weak to Radiation (Heat combined with Electric). Heavy gunners possess ferrite armor, which is vulnerable to Corrosive (consisted of Toxin and Electric). Note that Corrosive eliminates any kind of armor.

Puncture grants the highest amount of physical destruction to their armor.

All Grineer troops are made of cloned flesh, therefore they are vulnerable to Viral.

Try to combine different kinds of damage when battling Grineer. For example, use a mix of Corrosive and Heat. Corrosive is apt to shred the armor of every Grineer, while Heat creates extra damage to Cloned Flesh, as the protection is stripped.

We hope that our guide was helpful. Take care and keep playing on!

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Warframe: What are the Grineer’s Weaknesses?


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