Nezha Prime is the Primed version of the existing Warframe Nezha that offers a higher armor, a better sprint speed, and additional polarity than the original. Nezha Prime’s progenitor element is heat is one of the best Warframes to have in the game.

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In this Warframe guide, we will talk about how you can get Nezha Prime.

How to Get Nezha Prime

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There are two ways to get Nezha Prime in Warframe. The first option is to buy Nezha Prime from Warframe’s Prime Access Store. And, the second option is to farm relics and obtain the Blueprint to manufacture Nezha Prime.

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Unfortunately, the first option is not applicable anymore as Nezha Prime was removed from Prime Access Store on February 23, 2021.

So, moving on to the second option, to craft Nezha Prime Warframe, players need

  • Nezha Prime Blueprint
  • Nezha Prime Chassis Blueprint
  • Nezha Prime Systems Blueprint
  • Nezha Prime Neuroptics Blueprint

Once players have the above blueprints, they can manufacture the Nezha Prime using the below materials.


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 10 Control Module
  • 3 Tellurium
  • 4,300 Ferrite
  • 1450 Circuits


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 5,500 Alloy PLate
  • 6 Neural Sensors
  • 225 Oxium
  • 2 Argon Crystal


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 4,750 Nano Spores
  • 1,400 Rubedo
  • 8 Morphics

Manufacturing any of the above Nezha Prime components will take 12 hours of real-time. You can get the components instantly by skipping the manufacturing process using 25 Platinum for each component.

How to Get Nezha Prime Blueprint

Players can obtain the Nezha Prime Blueprint from the following relics.

  • Neo N17 Rare
  • Axi N7 Rare (V)
  • Neo N13 Rare (V)

How to Get Nezha Prime Chassis Blueprint

Players can obtain the Nezha Prime Chassis blueprint from the following relics.

  • Axi G6 Uncommon
  • Axi M2 Uncommon
  • Meso C6 Uncommon
  • Meso D6 Uncommon (V)

How to Get Nezha Prime Systems Blueprint

Players can obtain the Nezha Prime Systems blueprint from the following relics.

  • Axi O5 Common
  • Neo N16 Common
  • Neo D2 Common (V)
  • Neo D3 Common (V)

How to Get Nezha Prime Neuroptics Blueprint

Players can obtain the Nezha Prime Neuroptics blueprint from the following relics.

  • Lith N8 Rare
  • Lith N6 Rare (V)
  • Neo N15 Rare (V)

You can check out the video guide to learn about how you can get the above relics.

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Warframe is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/X, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch platforms.

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How to Get Nezha Prime in Warframe


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