Warframe: Prisma Shade Builds, Mods, and More

Warframe: Prisma Shade Builds, Mods, and More

Warframe is a huge game where you are able to customize your loadout with lots of different things. One of the most important is companions. These are little assistants that provide your character with significant bonuses. Also, they have their own abilities that may change your strategy. Today we are going to talk about a very unique sentinel that allows you to make any Warframe invisible. This guide will tell you about Prisma Shade in Warframe.

Prisma Shade Mods in Warframe

Prisma Shade in Warframe is a companion that belongs to the sentinel category. It means that the assistant itself is a small flying device that is able to shoot the opponents with the weapon you gave to it. Also, sentinels have a couple of unique abilities and their firing mode is determined by special mods you can put in them. Prisma Shade is an upgraded version of standard Shade. You are able to obtain it via trading with Baro Ki’Teer. However, this trader always changes his offerings, so you should hurry if you see this sentinel among the items you can buy.

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Shade has three mods that determine its playstyle. The first one is called Ghost and it allows the sentinel to make you invisible. It gives you a great advantage over the enemies as you can make any Warframe invisible. The second special mod is necessary for this invisibility to work. It is called Revenge and it determines your sentinel’s fire mode. With this upgrade, the device will be shooting only those who attacked you. It is a crucial mod as any random attack turns off your invisibility. The third mod is Ambush and it improves your damage when you break Shade’s invisibility.

Prisma Shade Build in Warframe

The recommended mods for Prisma Shade in Warframe are the following:

  • Ghost
  • Revenge
  • Ambush
  • Medi-Ray
  • Enhanced Vitality
  • Vacuum
  • Animal Instinct (you can use the Primed version if you have one)
  • Regen (you can use the Primed version if you have one)

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Warframe: Prisma Shade Builds, Mods, and More


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