The best resources are the hardest to find. And Warframe lets its players know this by re-introducing Omega isotopes, a resource for which you will definitely have to “play hard to get”. As quoted on the game’s interface, the Omega isotope is “Produced by a Fomorian’s power core, these particles only appear on or around planets where a Fomorian is present.” while its location is “Any planet with a Balor Fomorian”. The ones who witnessed Warframe’s Operation: Eyes of Blight event won’t be surprised.

As a part of the Grineer plan, a Balor Fomorian battleship is sent to one of the universe’s relays, which has to be sabotaged before it succeeds on its trip to the destination planet. A victorious sabotage can only be achieved by a powerful Fomorian Disruptor which requires the following to be built from scratch:

  • 1,250 credits
  • 3,500 nano spores
  • 300 cryotic
  • 4 Omega isotopes

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The blueprint for this can either be found in the inbox at the start of the event or can be bought any time from the market for 5000 credits. This article will guide you on how to get the Omega Isotopes in Warframe.

How to obtain the Omega Isotopes in Warframe?

Omega isotopes can be farmed from dead enemy spawns at a Fomorian Sabotage event on a planet that has Balor Fomorian nearby. Dead enemies and open crates drop the resource in non-Arch wing missions thus, these can be collected from Normal mission nodes, Alerts, Syndicate missions and Invasions as long as the sabotage event is live on the respective planet.

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These resources are time sensitive so the sooner you collect as many, the better. Go for the missions with high enemy spawns. Using resource boosters to speed up the process will cost you platinum. However, playing in public mode or with clan members can increase the isotope drop rate. May the Fomorian Disruptor save you all the FOMO!

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How to get Omega Isotopes in Warframe?


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