Warframe - How to Get and Use a Wolf Beacon

The players of Warframe have faced the item they can get, and now they are curious about what to do with it and how to get it. Generally speaking, right after you complete Nightwave Challenges and rank up, you will get the opportunity to obtain Intermission Cred. With its help, you will buy mods, weapons, and the Wolf Beacon from the Cred Offerings. This guide will fully cover everything you need to know about the Wolf Beacon to get its optimum use. Keep reading!

​Ways to Obtain and Use a Wolf Beacon

If you are puzzled why it is beneficial to obtain the Wolf Beacon, we are happy to help: with the help of the Wolf Beacon, you will be able to summon the Wolf of Saturn Six into your mission. Then you will have the possibility to brawl with him and once he is murdered, check out what he may drop. There is the possibility that you will get some excellent loot, don’t miss a chance!

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So, you want to get the Wolf Beacon. In this case, go to the Cred Offerings and spend 50 Cred for purchasing this item. It is worth it!

Once obtained, head to the Arsenal and position the Wolf Beacon directly into a slot in the gear wheel. During the mission, choose it and utilize it to call the Wolf of Saturn Six forth. Generally speaking, this item will be helpful in all the missions, except for the following ones:

  • Syndicate.
  • Assassination.
  • Sorties.
  • Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Archwing.
  • Free Roam areas.

From time to time, you will notice that you won’t be able to use the Wolf Beacon still the mission allows you to do it. In this case, you may conclude that some other assassin has marked the task, and most likely, you will see the Stalker or the Grustag Three soon.

So, this is how you can get and use the Wolf Beacon. Enjoy playing!

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