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Warcraft Rumble Sneed Build, Best Deck & Guide

Warcraft Rumble Sneed Build, Best Deck & Guide
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Sneed is a Horde Leader mini in Warcraft Rumble who is about pushing enemy towers/structures and gaining more Gold in the process.

Find out in this guide how to make an ideal Sneed deck, or read our Sylvannas or Grommash decks to help you out. We also have a complete Dire Maul guide for those brave enough to give it a try!

Name: Sneed
InfoFamily: Horde
Type: AoE
Roles: Melee
Cost: 5
AbilityGain 2 Gold when a Siege Damage unit destroys a Tower, captures a Meeting Stone or opens a Chest.
TalentsArea Damage: 360
Health: 1040
DPS: 120
Attack Speed: 3
TraitsMelee: Strong vs Ranged units.

AoE: Strong vs Squad units.

Tank: High health unit.
Good at soaking Tower damage.

Armored: 50% Physical damage reduction.

Siege Damage: Double damage vs Towers.
Gain the Miner trait.

Gain an additional +2 Gold when Sneed triggers Sneed Before Greed.

Gain a level whenever non-passive Gold is earned.

To play as Sneed in Warcraft Rumble costs five Gold. Sneed is strong against Range and Squad units, dishing out AOE damage with his buzzsaw. He has a high Health pool, making him suitable for soaking up tower damage. Sneed has several unique traits that make him one of the best leaders in the game, including tank and armored features and specialization in Siege Damage.

Sneed Build & Deck:

Sneed, Darkspear Troll, Stonehoof Tauren, Harpies, S.A.F.E. Pilot, Gryphon Rider, Blackrock Pyromancer

Image by Touch, Tap, Play

About Sneed Build

Sneed needs a reliable ally to supply cover. In the Horde slots, including the necessary Stonehoof, Tauren is crucial, while the second Horde slot can be actually filled by the reliable Darkspear Troll.

Regarding the Siege Damage slot, the preferred option is the Warsong Raider equipped with the formidable Sunder Armor talent. As for the remaining three slots, corresponding to the choices made for Grommash Hellscream, it is recommended to select two out of the Ranged, Cycle, and Unbound options. Also, considering a Squad formation for the Harpies is a possible strategy.

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Sneed stands as a formidable leader in Warcraft Rumble, not just for his resilience in combat but for his unique ability to snowball gold advantages into decisive victories. He’s incredibly intuitive for new players yet holds deep strategic depth for veterans. Whether in PvE or PvP, Sneed offers a pathway to success paved in gold!

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Warcraft Rumble Sneed Build, Best Deck & Guide


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