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Warcraft Rumble Dire Maul Guide

Warcraft Rumble Dire Maul Guide
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One of the most famous Dungeon missions in Warcraft Rumle is Dire Maul.

In the world of miniatures games, choosing the right relics and leaders can make all the difference. These strategic choices can enhance your gameplay, and in this guide, we’ll explore some valuable tips for success.

This build works great for dire maul up to red difficulty (you can clear orange difficulty with this till red difficulty ) for each boss strategy continue reading the article below. You can do it without any talents of any minis in this build. With talents, you may even do red difficulty.

For some dedicated builds, you can check our Sylvannas or Grommash decks that we’ve created.

Dire Maul HORDE build – ’till red difficulty!

Grommash Hellscream, Stonehoof Tauren, Frostwolf Shaman, Harpies, Darkspear Troll, Warsong Grunts, Quilboar

Image by Touch, Tap, Play

This build, Dire Maul HORDE build – till red difficulty, was created by IcyTeaLemon on Nov 5, 2023. The deck leader is Grommash Hellscream, part of the Horde family. With 6 other minis, this puts the total build cost at 3.6, DPS at 94, and HP at 901.

Warcraft Rumble Dire Maul Guide

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The first boss

You will see many minis coming at you because, at half-health, they go berserk and attack each other. Thanks to this, you won’t be getting overpowered. They will start killing each other.

At some point, you may make 1 lane locked out by making an enemy unit attack an enemy turret trying to repair itself, that lane getting locked out. Afterward, you can focus on the other route.

This is only sometimes the case; control both lanes if it doesn’t lock out.

Second boss

For this boss, you can focus on the right lane instead. Send your troops to the right road; eyes won’t be doing enough damage to your forces anyway. Keep the shaman going on behind the troops so she heals them.

This boss is more straightforward than the first one. Just one thing: this boss spawns a lot of squads; you can replace Troll with Pyromancer to deal with this easily; however, it’s doable with the Troll as well. Or you can keep troll and replace grunts with Pyro, but you need a “deploy grunts each time you play horde mini” relic for this.

One strategy here for the boss is, when your high DPS troops getting closer to the boss, use unbound boar to face away the boss from your forces; this will net you 2-3 seconds of free DPS time.

The Last Boss

It’s a straightforward boss. First, kill the 2 grunts close to your base; don’t send too many troops; just make sure to kill enemy units close to you. Then try to kill the right boss Female Blood Elf; she has splash damage; you can spawn an unbound boar behind her and send harpies afterward; Harpies will be safe and destroy her quickly; don’t send more troops on her.

Send your Tauren and Shaman or Grom on the left boss. Make sure you took the middle tower as well. Afterward, you most likely will be doing more DPS than Ogres healing on the main boss; that’s the goal. However, a new strategy for this boss is: kill the female Blood Elf on the right a bit faster than the left one and ensure the female Blood Elf is moving towards the main boss.

When she reaches, make sure the left boss is already moving towards the main boss; this will make the main boss run through the female blood elf boss, exposing the Healing Ogre alone on the left side. While Blood Elf tanks the boss, the left boss will attack the Healing Ogre; you can support him with troops, then focus on the main boss and kill it quickly.

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  • Grunts spawn at your base for each horde mini you play.
  • Air units do poison damage.
  • Ranged units do burn damage.
  • Horde units cost 1 less after deploying Horde Leader.
  • Shield on the first hit.

These relics are great so try to pick them if you see them appear.

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Warcraft Rumble Dire Maul Guide


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