War Wings has proven to be one of the best multiplayer flight sims on the mobile platform, and we’ve been enjoying it since its launch. The game is a high-octane dogfighting flight sim, so we’ve covered it with some tips and tricks in our previous guide.

Today, we’ll be talking about the different ways of getting new planes. Every pilot knows that even if you’re an ace pilot, you got to keep your planes up-to-date or risk falling behind. We’ve put together a guide on how to get more planes, so let’s check it out!

Don’t miss a single log-in reward!

War Wings gives you presents if you log in at least once every day. There are two separate log-in reward lists: the 7-day sign in and the Monthly sign in lists. If you manage to log in seven days in a row, the game will reward you with the Bf-109E1, a Tier 3 premium plane that you can pilot for five days. While it’s not yours forever, it’s still a great plane to use for those couple of days.

What’s even better is the Monthly rewards. While you get a small bonus for every day, hitting certain thresholds will allow you open one of the supply crates. There’s a FW190AB waiting for you in the 8-day box, a Tier 5 plane! The best part about both of these log-in rewards is that you don’t need to wait a whole day for them to refresh – sometimes you’ll only need to wait a couple of hours!

Get the event plane “Jim’s Spitfire”!

There is currently an event going on where you can collect blueprints after clearing certain missions listed under the event. You can turn in these blue prints for silver, free RP, and more. However, if you manage to collect 50 of them, you can exchange them for Jim’s Spitfire, a Tier 5 Turn Fighter with great stats. The event ends on September 17, so be sure to grab the plane before it’s over!

Ways to earn free gold!

You’ll need gold – the premium currency of the game – to buy the premium planes or buy supply crates. Here are the ways so far to earn gold for free!

  • Linking your War Wings account to a Facebook account will net you 100 gold and a blueprint.
  • Adding a friend to your friends list in the game will net you 50 gold and a blueprint.
  • If you tap on the “Fan Page Like Event” in the event center, you’ll be taken to the War Wings Facebook page. Liking the page gets you 100 gold!

Keep fighting and doing daily challenges!

If you are a strictly free-to-player, then unlocking new planes in War Wings is a little more challenging. Other than the occasional promotional event, there doesn’t seem to be a regular way to earn gold. You’ll need to research new planes through the research tree, and it costs a lot of silver and free RP. Keep battling in quick game to earn resources, but be aware that you have a daily cap on the amount of silver and RP you can get from quick games. You probably won’t hit the cap unless you play the game non-stop, so you don’t really need to worry but it’s good to mention it nonetheless.

Be sure not to miss any of the daily challenges. These challenges cycle out every couple of hours. Completing daily challenges gets you a good amount of silver, RP, and a little bit of free RP. Daily challenges are probably the best way to earn free RP, making them even more important to do.

With our guide and a little patience and hard work, you’ll be able to get the planes you want in War Wings. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve researched a plane up to T6 but I still can’t fly it?? What is the point in researching it? How do I actually get the plane I have researched?

    • I know it’s too late reply. But for others who may have same problem.
      Tap on planes from top menu. Then you can see your planes. Now in left hand side you will see a filter button icon which days ON. Tap on that then you can see buttons T1 T2 ….. T8 like that . Tap on these button. If button is highlighted then only plane of that their will be visible.

  2. I have the same problem. I researched enough to get a T5 plane and it doesn’t show up when I join a team deathmatch. It only shows my T3 and T4 plane. What can be done to fix this issue?

  3. Do I have to pay for all the research to buy a plane. If I did use a Russian plane in a volunteer six do I have to buy all the other planes to get to the tear six

    • It is added . Click on blue filter button on left of the place where planes are displayed
      Then select the tier for which you want the plane. Basically tier is filtered so you need to activate the tier for you want to see planes in your hanger.

  4. Amazing game! Too bad I spend about as much silver in playing as I earn each battle. So aggravating! Kind of tired of not getting anywhere. Just about ready to call it quits.

    • The silver you earn is based on how nice you play.
      I win almost double some times more than double the silver spend each battle. But sometimes the silver spent is more than the silver earned LOL.


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