Hatchi 2, the virtual pet game developed by Portable Pixels released last year on the App Store, can now be downloaded for free.

The game is usually available for $0.99 but now iOS users all over the world can download it for free for a limited time. This deal will not be available for much longer so make sure to dake advantage of it as soon as soon as possible.

Hatchi 2 is the sequel to the original Hatchi, released back in 2012 on the App Store. The game comes with a colorful graphical style and expanded gameplay experience that make it quite a bit better than its predecessor, which was a rather simple and straightforward game. With 25 total pets, several customization options, nine minigames and more, players loving virtual pet games will have plenty to do in Hatchi 2. The minigames are especially fun, as they are based on popular game types such as match three puzzle game, brick breaker game and more.

Hatchi 2 is now available for free on the App Store. The game will soon go back to its full price so make sure to download it as soon as possible to enjoy this fun little game for free.



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