Hatchi 2, a virtual pet game developed by Portable Pixels, is now available for purchase on the App Store.

The game is the sequel to the original Hatchi, which has been released back in 2012. While the original game featured a really minimalist graphical style that brought to mind older Tamagotchi and similar virtual pet games, Hatchi 2 comes with a much more colorful graphical style, inspired by old school games, as well as expanded gameplay features, like 25 total pets, new customization options, nine minigames and more. One of the more interesting new features included in the game is the ability to bred together different Hatchis to create some new variations.

For the rest, Hatchi 2 doesn’t differ from many other similar games, as players will have to take care of their virtual pets by feeding them, cleaning them and keep them entertained. The nine minigames included in Hatchi 2 are based on popular game types like a match 3 puzzle, a brick breaker game and other types that are perfect to be played on the go so there’s some fun to be had outside the taking care of the pet.

Hatchi 2 is now available for purchase on the App Store for only $0.99.



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