Vikings Gone Wild is slowly becoming one of my favorite strategy games like Clash of Clans. Funny and with brand new gameplay and troop ideas, going away from the classic format of the Clash of Clans clones, this game requires some promotion and came make it really big. But we’re not here to talk about this, we’re here to talk strategy in a Vikings Gone Wild cheats and tips article that will help you build up your base like no other viking on this planet, take Thor and his almighty hammer to top levels and master the sheep throwers.

So let’s check out some Vikings Gone Wild tips and tricks below in our (hopefully) complete strategy guide!

1. Base Building Basics
The first thing that matters in the game is how you build your base. Here, things are very similar with other similar titles: you want to keep your Townhall in the middle, protected by as many walls as possible. Also, any sheep cannon that you have must be smartly placed at the center of the base to cover as much space as possible. The Sheep Cannon is an impressive and extremely useful weapon because it has a humongous range. So, to put it short: factories and taverns and everything else that is not a Townhall, defensive tower or storage goes outside the walls, everything else packed inside, surrounded by as many layers of walls as possible.

2. Gold over beer
Early on in the game (and generally throughout your entire experience), you will notice that you need more gold than the other resource, so make sure you upgrade the Gold Factories first. Nectar is extremely important once you unlock it, but gold remains your priority for a long time because you need it to upgrade most of your buildings and, especially, the really expensive walls.

3. Build up your military presence
Early on, there is no reason to attack with anything but the first two types of troops and Thor. Archers for long range shooting, sent after the warriors, and you’ll have many wins under your belt and resources gathered. However, you should keep upgrading your Taverns as much as possible because pretty soon you will have to switch to using the more advanced troops – and that’s when the strategy becomes a bit more complicated because of the multitude of choices. We’ll have a more in depth guide to attacking soon, but in the end it’s all about you finding your own style and sending in the troops that get the most resources at the lowest costs.

4. Ignore the single player campaign
It’s easier to gather a ton of resources in multiplayer battles, because single player missions become really difficult very soon after you start playing. There’s really no reason to focus on those until you build up and upgrade your troops and you can easily win those battles. The single player campaign missions are not for the resources rewarded, are for your own power check.

5. How to get free Gems in the game
There is a multitude of ways to get free gems: complete missions, connect with Facebook, taking advantage of the special offers that you’ll receive often… and so on. So make sure that you take advantage of all the free gems that you can receive and put them to good use to speed up the building of your structures!

6. Heroes are vital
In this game, heroes are extremely powerful and even Thor, which is your starting hero, can help you a lot in battle. So make sure that you unlock heroes as soon as you have the resources and that you keep upgrading them through training and getting them into battle. Also, as soon as you unlock the Nectar resource, you can start crafting for your heroes to improve them even more. It’s a long, tedious process, but with great rewards, so never ignore it and always have your hero at the maximum possible!

7. Improve your troops
The troop upgrade system is extremely nice in Vikings Gone Wild and you will spend a ton of resources and time improving the stats of your troops. It’s something that has to be done, though, and should be done with a strategy in mind: simply watch the upgrade tree to see what upgrades you can get and focus on the most important ones. Archers, for example, don’t get too much advantage early on from the health bonuses since it still remains low, but some extra damage will do wonders and help them pack a stronger punch before they’re gone. Decide what works best for your strategy and follow that route. Because you will simply not be able to completely upgrade all the stats of all your troops too soon (or without spending a lot of Gems).

8. Join a clan
As soon as you have the resources, repair your Guild House and join a clan. A ton of new options will be unlocked and being part of an active clan is always a boost to one’s gameplay. If you’re just starting, gathering all the resources to get there is not really your top priority, but once you get to level 20, you should already be in a clan!

All in all, Vikings Gone Wild is a great game and we’re working on more content to help you play the game, so expect from us, really soon, more in depth tips for advanced players, attack strategies and much more. Stay tuned with Touch Tap Play and you won’t regret it!



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