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Victoria 3: Patch Notes (1.0.4) – Update

Victoria 3: Patch Notes (1.0.4) – Update

It is nearly impossible to find an individual who does not like updates in his or her favorite video game. And when the update is extensive, it gives the game new breath, making it enjoyable again. Read this guide, and you will find out all patch notes in 1.0.4 update in Victoria 3

Victoria 3: All Changes in 1.0.4 Update

The foremost thing you should know is that 1.0.4 is one of the most massive updates in Victoria 3 since the moment of release. The fact is that developers changed various essential aspects of the game. And this guide will be divided into a few parts by type of changes. So, let’s get started!

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Economy Changes

  • Petit-Bourgeoisie now also cares about government wages
  • Slashing government wages will now reduce the prestige
  • Slashing military wages will now lessen the training rate
  • Debt slavery can now enslave pops up to wealth level 9, in reduced numbers for each point of wealth
  • Reduce the max number of pops enslaved each week by debt slavery from 5% to 0.5% of the state population
  • Debt slavery will no longer enslave additional pops when slaves are 20% or more of the state population
  • Tweak subsistence production in decentralized nations, so African pops don’t start at starvation levels

Politics Changes

  • Increased the chance of progressive political movements appearing throughout the game
  • Movements to Preserve now have a more significant effect on the chance for a law to stall, making it harder to pass laws opposed by influential groups
  • Political Movements for or against changes in Slavery and Government principles laws will now be more radical
  • Reduced base effect of Propagandists Intelligentsia trait from 50% to 25%
  • Reduced impact of guaranteed liberties on loyalists and radicals growth

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Colonization Changes

  • Native Uprisings now get a significant bonus to their combat capabilities, mainly on the defensive
  • Reduced the chance of Native Uprisings occurring when provinces are colonized
  • Increased AI tendency to get involved in Native Uprisings slightly

Diplomacy Changes

  • AI is now a bit less likely to back down in diplomatic plays
  • AI is now a bit more likely to get involved in diplomatic plays
  • Make the AI more keen on swaying countries to its side if outmatched in a diplomatic play

War Changes

  • AI is now a lot more focused on taking land-adjacent states and conquering contiguous land areas in general
  • Increase AI aggression against Unrecognized countries after unlocking Civilizing Mission

In addition to all these game balance changes, developers made various exciting interface changes and bug fixes. Of course, nowadays, it is pretty challenging to estimate the role of this update, but it seems that it will significantly improve the game. 1.0.4 is aimed at making the game more complex, and that will draw the attention of real strategy games fans. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Victoria 3: Patch Notes (1.0.4) – Update


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