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Victoria 3: How To Play as USA

Victoria 3: How To Play as USA

Victoria 3 from Paradox is a game that is absolutely perfect for strategists! Set in the Victorian era, players can choose to become any nation that existed during that time. It can be pretty complicated for beginners so if you are just starting, be ready to fall and get back up again! The United States of America is one nation players with a bit of experience can play well. Find out how in our guide on Victoria 3: How to Play as USA.

Playing as the USA in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 is set in 1836 and runs through the Victorian era, so all countries available to play are those which existed during those years. The USA during this period did not bother with Europe much, so players will avoid any overly complicated European politics.

Instead, there will be indigenous people’s tribes, Mexico, and Canada to have dealings with. Plenty of Journal objectives are available, plus challenges regarding the slave trade and continued industrialisation to get your teeth into!

victoria 3 america usa
Select the USA as your starter country! (via Paradox)

When playing as the USA there are plenty of hard decisions to make, so it is a great starter country for players who may have just started playing and want something juicy but not too complicated.

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America is a Great Power, starting with 294 Prestige. This means they have room to grow, and players won’t have the pressure of dominating from the very start of the game. Players can enjoy the clear expansion goals the USA has to offer, and the potentially self-sufficient economy that can develop.

victoria 3 usa journal
Journal for USA in Victoria 3 (via Paradox)

The biggest issue to grapple that threatens the stability of the USA is the debate over the slave trade. Anyone who knows basic history will understand that that was a very contentious issue in the USA, and has the potential to cause issues. The goal is for America to eventually gain its 49 states, and stretch across the entire area from east to west coast.

victoria 3 usa
Journal Entries for the USA in Victoria 3 (via Paradox)

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The various Journal entries and difficult decisions the player makes will determine whether the USA becomes successful in its primary goal to become the greatest power in the continent of America. Will you achieve this goal? Let us know how you get on in the comments below! Good luck.

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Victoria 3: How To Play as USA


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