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Victoria 3 End Dates Explained – Time Period Dates

Victoria 3 End Dates Explained – Time Period Dates

Victoria 3 is a game from Paradox where players can act as a county and make political, economical, and tactical decisions. The strategy game is based during 100 years from 1836 onwards, during which players have to oversee the growth and success of the country they have chosen. Find out more below about the 100 years of Victoria 3 in ‘Victoria 3 End Dates Explained – Time Period Dates.

Victoria 3 Dates Explained

Victoria 3 is based during the reign of Queen Victoria and beyond, up until near the start of the second world war. This first decision, to choose the best starter country, is an important one! Any country existing during this time is available for the player to choose.

Once the player has chosen a country they must oversee the growth of the country, including the economy, foreign affairs and diplomacy, potential revolutions, depressions, and disputes. The century-long span of the game allows players to consider longer term strategy while making decisions.

victoria 3 america usa
USA in Victoria (via Paradox)

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Every new game begins on January 1st 1836, and ends exactly 100 years later on January 1st 1936. This gives the player a specific time-limit and structure to work within. The very specific time means the game is restrictive, but makes it all the more exciting and challenging. Whatever decisions the players makes will have an effect on how the world looks when the 100 years ends.

Each game would take a good few hours from start to finish, allowing the player enough time to oversee the momentous historical events happening as they play. At present there is no way to extend the start or end date of Victoria 3, however we will not rule out the possibility for a DLC as has occurred with previous Victoria titles.

That’s all you need to know about Victoria 3’s start and end dates. Next up, why not check out how to play as the USA in Victoria 3? Good luck.

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Victoria 3 End Dates Explained – Time Period Dates


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