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Victoria 3: How To Reduce Radicals

Victoria 3: How To Reduce Radicals

Victoria 3 is a strategy game in which you lead a country into the Victorian era, managing its governance, economy, and population. The economy is based on people, which work for your country. The population is a source of labor, which helps the country to be strong and independent.  They can differ substantially in terms of quantity, culture, and religion. However, there are also some populations that are finding it hard to increase their standard of living which results in becoming Radicals. And in this guide, we want to talk about how to reduce radicals in Victoria 3.

Population in Victoria 3

The population is a key aspect of Victoria 3’s gameplay. People work for you, pay taxes and help to upgrade the country. The Population has some needs to feel good. These needs are the following:

  • Heating
  • Intoxicants
  • Simple Clothing
  • Basic Food
  • Crude Items
  • Household Items
  • Services

Provide all these needs and your population will work better for your country. Pass laws and improve Healthcare and Technology to make your country stronger.

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How to Reduce Radicals in Victoria 3

Radicals are the residents of your country whose standard of living falls below the minimum percentage. The total number of Radicals in your country can be seen on the Radical Menu. To increase your country’s economy you must reduce the amount of Radicals. And there are some ways to reduce them:

  • Introducing Laws  (Use the Politics menu and pass the law, which can decrease the amount of Radicals. For example, Dedicated Police Force lowers 15% of Radicals).
  • Upgrading Institutions (Upgrade the law Enforcement Institution to lower the percentage of Radicals).
  • Paying Everybody (You can lower Taxes and reduce the number of Radicals if they are increasing).

That’s all you need to do to reduce Radicals in Victoria 3. As soon as you do this, your economy will increase. Thanks for reading our guide! And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to play as USA in Victoria 3.

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Victoria 3: How To Reduce Radicals


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