Vampire Survivors Curse Explained


Are you a fan of Vampire Survivors? Then we have some information that is worth your attention! Let us, please explain Curse in Vampire Survivors.

In case you have not heard of it before, it is one of the stats in the game. It aims to buff enemy speed, health, and spawn frequency and quantity.

Before any modifications are applied, the players have 100% base Curse. In the stat panel, the Curse will be displayed as the difference from the base Curse, meaning that Curse stat of +30% equals 130% total Curse. In addition, the Curse modifications from character bonuses, Power-Ups, and items stack will be added on top.

Moreover, there are no restrictions regarding the amount of Curse one can achieve.

Are you interested in getting more information regarding Vampire Survivors Curse? Great! We have prepared a detailed guide covering this topic. Keep reading to get all the needed information!

What You Need to Know About Curse in Vampire Survivors

If you play the game and have this stat applied to your run, you will top up the frequency and quantity of enemy waves. Additionally, you will level up your speed and health by the percentage of Curse.

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Also, it would be great to know that if you keep running not less than 20 minutes at no less than 10% Curse active, the character names Lama Ladonna will be unlocked.

This stat is additive. You will be able to get the highest possible damage bonus if you play as Lama (up to +30%), with the rank 5 level Curse Power Up (+50%), level 5 Skull O’Maniac (+50%), level 9 Gold Ring and Metaglio Right (+40% each), and level 9 Torrona’s Box (+100%) for a total of 310% Curse.

So, not you know everything needed about Vampire Survivors Curse. Use this knowledge wisely and have fun playing!

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Vampire Survivors Curse Explained


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