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Valheim best weapons
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Figuring out which weapon is worth investing in when a game gives you more than 50 options can be difficult, especially on your first playthrough. And Valheim is one of those games that abound in different weapon classes and choices within each class.

You can’t get the best weapons right away—most S-tier pieces become available later on as you progress through the story and find new crafting resources. Regardless, this Valheim weapons tier list should give you a good overview of where each weapon you encounter falls in terms of overall quality, so you can choose to discard it or hold on to it for a long time.

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The best weapons in Valheim

The tier list below was based on the general stats of each weapon, ranking them in tiers from S to D regardless of their type. Below the table, you can find our choices for the best weapon in each weapon category, along with crafting recipes and spawn codes.

SArbalest, Blackmetal Atgeir, Dead Raiser, Demolisher, Draugr Fang, Frostner, Himmin Afl, Jotun Bane, Krom, Mistwalker, Skoll and Hati, Spine Snap, Staff of Embers, Staff of Frost, Staff of Protection
AAbyssal Harpoon, Blackmetal Axe, Blackmetal Knife, Blackmetal Sword, Crystal Battleaxe, Flesh Rippers, Porcupine, Silver Knife, Silver Sword
BAncient Bark Spear, Battleaxe, Fang Spear, Finewood Bow, Huntsman Bow, Iron Atgeir, Iron Mace, Iron Sledge, Iron Sword, Stagbreaker
CAbyssal Razor, Bronze Atgeir, Bronze Mace, Bronze Spear, Bronze Sword, Copper Knife
DClub, Crude Bow, Flint Knife, Flint Spear

Best Axe in Valheim: Blackmetal Axe

It is somewhat difficult to decide which Axe is the best in Valheim, but we opted for the Blackmetal Axe, as it deals more Slash damage (100/115) than other axes—even than the mighty Jotun Bane. While Jotun Bane also has Poison damage and higher Chop damage, it is more difficult to craft.

Blackmetal Axe crafting recipe:

  • Fine wood x6
  • Black metal x20
  • Linen thread x5

Blackmetal Axe spawn code: AxeBlackMetal

Best Sword in Valheim: Krom

Krom is a Mistlands two-handed Sword that is as deadly as it is heavy. While the fact that it slows you down somewhat may be off-putting for a lot of players, this weapon has 150/450 Slash damage, which will help you ignore the slowdown rather soon.

Krom crafting recipe:

  • Iron x30
  • Bronze x20
  • Scale hide x5

Krom spawn code: SwordKrom

Best Knife in Valheim: Skoll and Hati

This piece is the first dual-wielded Knife in the game, and it is the most powerful in its category. With Slash and Pierce damage of 45/48, these knives are worth the wait, as they appear in Mistlands. As their description says, they were made for stabbing once for those who betrayed you and twice for those you hate.

Skoll and Hati crafting recipe:

  • Fine wood x4
  • Iron x10
  • Black metal x10

Skoll and Hati spawn code: KnifeSkollAndHati

Best Polearm in Valheim: Blackmetal Atgeir

Yes, there is Himmin Afl now, but we are still partial to the Blackmetal Atgeir. While Himmin Afl comes with cool Lightning damage, the Blackmetal Atgeir still has the highest Pierce damage of all Polearms, with 105/123 and the same durability as the new Mistlands weapon.

Blackmetal Atgeir crafting recipe:

  • Fine wood x10
  • Black metal x30
  • Linen thread x5

Blackmetal Atgeir spawn code: AtgeirBlackmetal

Best Bow in Valheim: Spine Snap

While Draugr Fang dominated this weapon category until the Mistlands update, we have to admit that Spine Snap takes the first place now. It comes with an upgrade in all relevant stats, with Pierce damage of 72.

Spine Snap crafting recipe:

  • Fine wood x10
  • Bone fragments x40
  • Refined eitr x10

Spine Snap spawn code: BowSpineSnap

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Best Spear in Valheim: Carapace Spear

Another weapon that raised the stakes in the Spear category when it appeared with the Mistlands update is the Carapace Spear. It brings Pierce damage of 115/133 with the primary attack and an improvement in stamina as well.

Carapace Spear crafting recipe:

  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Carapace x4
  • Mandible x2

Carapace Spear spawn code: SpearCarapace

Best Club in Valheim: Demolisher

This mighty sledge yearns to wreak havoc, says the weapon’s description—and so it does! Good luck to anyone who has to go against its 145/163 Blunt damage, as it knocks everything to the ground in a radius of four meters.

Demolisher crafting recipe:

  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Iron x20
  • Refined eitr x10

Demolisher spawn code: SledgeDemolisher

Best Magical Weapon in Valheim: Staff of Embers

The Mistlands update introduced a new category of weapons that rely on magic, but among the four staves this update brought, our favorite is the Staff of Embers. This magical weapon practically shoots fireballs that deal blunt damage and leaves an area of effect that burns enemies.

Staff of Embers crafting recipe:

  • Yggdrasil wood x20
  • Surtling core x4
  • Refined eitr x16

Staff of Embers spawn code: StaffFireball

And there you have all the best weapons in Valheim. Let us know what you think and your favorites in the comments, and check out more Valheim guides in our dedicated section.

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