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How to Summon and Beat Yagluth in Valheim – Boss Fight Guide

How to Summon and Beat Yagluth in Valheim – Boss Fight Guide
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If you thought that The Elder and Moder were difficult to beat, get ready for Yagluth, the fifth and final boss in Iron Gate Studios’ survival game Valheim. This skeleton-like creature may be missing its lower part, but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to defeat.

This boss fight guide will help you learn how to summon and beat Yagluth so you can finish what we currently have of the game.

How to Summon Yagluth in Valheim

Yagluth is located in the Plains, but finding his altar is not so straightforward. The easiest way to spot it is to look for a big circle of stone pillars with the altar at the center. The stone circle kind of looks like finger bones sticking from the ground, which can be considered a warning of the impending fight.

When you find the altar location, you will see that it requires five Fuling totems. You will need to go look for them first in Fuling camps or fight Fuling berserkers as they can drop these items when defeated. Place all five in their places on the altar and summon Yagluth.

How to Prepare for the Yagluth Boss Fight in Valheim

Since this is your most difficult opponent by now, make sure to prepare and bring your best gear into the fight. Make some fire-resistance barley wine because Yagluth will use this element a lot to try to kill you fast.

When it comes to weapons, make sure to get the Draugr Fang bow and Needle or Frost Arrows. If you can pull off dealing some blunt damage, we suggest going for the Frostner Club. Complete your preparations by equipping the Padded Armor set, and you’re ready to summon the boss.

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How to Beat Yagluth in Valheim

Yagluth alternates between three different attacks that are quite powerful. He will breathe fire your way and summon a meteor rain to get you from above. Both attacks follow your position but can be avoided.

To protect yourself from both of these attacks, you will want to use your surroundings and hide behind those stone pillars that encircle the altar. They are not invincible, however, so make sure to move and use different slabs of stones as protection. The third attack Yagluth uses is a powerful ground slam that leaves blue flames burning around the boss.

Luckily, all three attacks have a tell—Yagluth rears his head back before breathing fire and raises his fist before the other two.

Since this boss strikes with such powerful attacks, you don’t want to come near him, even though he is susceptible to blunt attacks. Your best bet for defeating him is ranged combat, so you will have to rely on your bow and arrows.

Another key to beating Yagluth is patience—you will succeed by evading his special attacks and waiting for an opportunity to send as many arrows as you can his way, and then retreat and wait for another window until he’s finally down.

We hope this guide helps you finally defeat Yagluth. Let us know how it goes and check out our other Valheim guides, including How to Summon and Beat Bonemass in Valheim and How to Make Serpent Stew in Valheim.

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How to Summon and Beat Yagluth in Valheim – Boss Fight Guide


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