Valheim: How to Add Mods to a Server

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Mods can often be a lifesaver when a feature in a game doesn’t fit you so well. Even if you have a favorite game that you love, there’s always something you know you would tweak in it. When it comes to a game like Valheim where play styles can go in different ways, this is especially important. There are so many that exist for the game now that it’s impossible to find at least one you won’t use. This is how to adds mods to a server in Valheim.

What A Mod Is

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For those unfamiliar, mods are optional custom made downloads that you can add to a PC game. They can be for adding a special skin, improving code binding, putting in things to make a layout better or just improving the gameplay. Mods are typically free of charge and widely available.

Why Players Choose To Use Mods

The fact is, when developers make games, it’s impossible to come up with something that has features that will satisfy everyone. Games are for everybody, not one person, but with mods, you can adjust something to tailor fit your play style.

A Warning To Console Players

Modding only really works on PCs. Therefore, you should not attempt to put any on the Xbox version of the game, or you may ruin your console completely.

When To Get And Not Get A Mod Manager

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Before adding anything to your game, you should decide if you want to get a Mod Manager or download your mods manually. If you only intend to add a few, you don’t need a Mod Manager. For those who plan on downloading hundreds, a Mod Manager is definitely essential, as it will help organize and control lots of files at once.

Why BepInEx is Crucial

Something you should probably get if you plan to play a lot of Valheim is the BepInEx pack. It will make adding in things like plugins to the game much more convenient. You can find it on most sites where Valheim mods are available.

How To Add Mods

First, you need to choose the one you want to add to your game. Places like Nexxus Mods and Thunderstore have plenty for you to choose from. Once you find one you like, download it to your computer. After that, you need to go to the actual file sitting in the downloads area and extract it. You will see a file that looks like a folder now on the screen. This is what you will be adding to your game shortly.

Leaving the downloads folder open, you need to go to the game in steam. Go to Manage and choose Browse Local Files. The file area for the game will now show up.

How To Properly Place Mods

Your next step depends on what kind of mod you are installing to the game. If it is a universal one, it can go into the main area. If not, this is where that BepInEx system we downloaded earlier will come in handy. If you click on it, you will see areas for patchers, cores, and plugins. If your file was in a folder with any of these names when it was extracted, it needs to be sorted according to that.

Those are the basics of adding mods to Valheim! You can check out the game on the Steam store today.

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Valheim: How to Add Mods to a Server


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