How to Get Blood Clot in Valheim


Valheim is one of the newest survival games out there that takes place in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. It’s also an Xbox Exclusive survival and exploration game where up to 10 players can explore and thrive.

Like many other survival games, you can craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses and battle tough enemies to prove yourself to Odin. There are many resources you’ll need to survive the vicissitudes in Valheim and in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get Blood Clot in Valheim.

How to Get Blood Clot in Valheim

Blood Clot is one the main materials you’ll find as you explore different locations across Valheim. Unlike other materials, Blood Clot is tiny looking and after gathering enough, you’ll have to bring them back to your base to make several recipes.


However, like many other resources in the game, it can be challenging to keep track of Blood Clot but we suggest storing them away in a chest, especially if you plan on using them to cook at a later time.

So far the only way to get Blood Clot in Valheim is by defeating enemies in the Mistlands biome. You can locate the Mistlands by simply exploring the world of Valheim, even though it might take a while. Also, be sure to put on some armor and carry a good weapon before fighting enemies in the Mistlands.

One of the easiest ways to encounter enemies is to enter Infested Mines. These are dungeons within Mistlands that contain different enemies that you can fight. Most creatures in Infested Mines usually drop Blood Clots after killing them.

You can also fight Seekers as well. These are nasty-looking creatures that should not be underrated as they can easily put you down if you’re not wearing good armor like the Carapace Armor. So if you don’t have that yet, we suggest heading into the Infested Mines with lots of armor to protect yourself and come out alive.

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How to Get Blood Clot in Valheim


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