V Rising: The Winged Horror Location and Boss Fight


V Rising is a gothic multiplayer RPG. Players must take on the role of a vampire world awakened after centuries of slumber. You can build your castle and explore the open world by gathering allies and defeating enemies. And like in any RPG, V Rising has a battle boss. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to find and beat the Winged Horror boss in V Rising.

The Winged Horror Location

The Winged Horror is a level 78 boss that players can defeat in the world of V Rising. To find it, you need to travel to Farbane Woods and head east. The boss will be on Dread Peak. And since this is an open area, we recommend fighting Winged Horror at night. Also, to get to Dread Peak, you will need to use the Bat Form. Moreover, you need to level up your Gear to level 78 or higher.

The Winged Horror Boss Fight

The Winged Horror is quite a dangerous boss with different attacks. Here is a list of what you will encounter:

  • The Winged Horror will take off and start launching a lot of fireballs at you. As soon as it starts to take off, run as far as you can so you can dodge.
  • The Winged Horror will launch two orbs at you, dealing damage. But as soon as you dodge, it will immediately strike with its tail, which shoots ice spikes.
  • This boss can also breathe fire, creating a whirlwind that deals magic damage and pulls in enemies.
  • The Winged Horror starts spinning and launching ice spikes in all directions. These spikes split into 2-3 more spikes in flight. This attack is very difficult to dodge, so be careful.

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Now knowing all the attacks of this boss, you can quickly learn how to dodge them. In the pauses between attacks, you should attack it with a ranged weapon. And most importantly, don’t get too close to the boss.

Well, The Winged Horror can quickly destroy you if you get too close. But following our advice, you will be able to defeat it without any problems. While you are here, take a look at our V Rising Beginner guide.

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V Rising: The Winged Horror Location and Boss Fight


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