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V Rising Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Get Started

V Rising Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Get Started

V Rising is a multiplayer action RPG available for Windows. Players must create their unique ancient vampires and explore the vast open world. During the day you have to beware of the sun, which will immediately destroy you, and at night you can hunt for your victims to quench your thirst for Blood. So, in this guide, we will tell you tips, tricks, and cheats to get started playing V Rising.

V Rising For Beginners

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V Rising is an addictive game with a large open world, which has an incredibly huge number of different activities. In the beginning, you will have few abilities and weapons, but as you progress you will be able to conquer all the surrounding lands. And to progress more effectively, use the following tips and tricks.

Choose the Right Server

At the beginning of the game, you will need to choose the server on which you will play. They all can be divided into PvE and PvP servers. The main difference is that on a PvE server you cannot attack other players or steal their items. While on PvP servers, at certain times of the day, you can attack other players’ castles. Servers also differ in the number of things you lose when you die. So choose a server wisely.

Sunbathing Is a Bad Idea

In V Rising, sunlight is your main enemy. Therefore, during the day you need to always stay in the shade. What’s more, the sun is constantly moving, which can cause shadow areas to disappear quickly. But even if the sunlight touches your character, you will have a few seconds before you start taking massive damage.

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Moreover, there are several different signs in the game that report damage from sunlight. And if you see them, immediately hide in the shade, otherwise, your vampire will burn out in a few seconds. Here’s what the signs look like:

  • A bright beam of light will begin to fall on your character
  • A fiery spark effect will appear around your character.
  • You will hear a loud sound effect that gets louder until you hide.
  • Your screen will start getting brighter and brighter.

You Are What You Drink

Like any other vampire, you must drink Blood to feed. But in V Rising, Blood is not only food, it is also a source of various bonuses. In the game, you can find 7 different types of Blood. And by drinking the right Blood, you will be able to progress more efficiently in the game. Here is what you can get from drinking the Blood of your victims:

  • Frailed – Just Blood of small rodents, no bonuses.
  • Rogue – Drink the Blood of a hunter or archer to improve travel skill cooldown, movement speed, and crit rate.
  • Creature – Drink the Blood of an animal to improve sunlight resistance, healing regeneration, damage resistance, and movement speed.
  • Brute – If you like to hunt soldiers, you will always have increased attack speed and healing stats.
  • Worker – Drinking the Blood of ordinary people, you will be able to do physical work more efficiently. You will be able to travel faster on horseback, take less damage from several environmental hazards, and mine resources faster.
  • Warrior – Drink the Blood of guards to improve weapon skill cooldown, damage resistance, and physical power.
  • Scholar – The Blood of spellcasters gives you a huge bonus to spellcasting. Your spells will become stronger, and you will be able to cast them faster.

Your Home is Your Castle

In the case of V Rising, this is literally true. Your castle is a place where you can relax, store your things, create new items, and much more. And depending on the type of server, you may need to defend it from other players.

Therefore, think carefully before placing Castle Heart in a random location in Farbane Woods. Instead, build a castle near the Waygate and resource-gathering areas. And if you are going to fight off enemy attacks, then it is better to choose a hill.

V Rising is a very interesting title. The combination of multiplayer, gothic style, and many different features makes the game incredibly fun. Follow our tips and tricks, and you will be able to become a strong vampire already at the beginning of the game. While you are here, take a look at our guide on whether you can play V Rising on Steam Deck or not.

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V Rising Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Get Started


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