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Tyrant Unleashed Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Deck

Tyrant Unleashed Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Deck

Earlier today we talked about Kongregate’s mobile game, Tyrant Unleashed and I’ve decided to share all my knowledge in order to help you get the most out of this game.

This means that we are here to share with you some Tyrant Unleashed cheats: tips and tricks to help you build a perfect deck. OR one that is as good as possible.

Play missions over and over again

There is no easier way to get more wins and reward items than completing missions you have already beaten.

The truth is that you must play them multiple times before you get the three star rewards, so make sure you take it from the bottom up (however, each battle in the same mission will get gradually more difficult, so be prepared for that!)

Play the long wait cards at the right time

Sometimes, it’s good to play those cards that have to wait a long time before they get into action after the first played card so you get to use them ASAP.

A good strategy in longer lasting battles is to play a few quick cards first and only then get to the long wait cards to make sure that they are not killed before you get a chance to play them.

Buy new cards

As soon as you have the chance (as in 100 gold) make sure you spend that for one card. It could be better than the ones you already have and in the worst case scenario it gives you some extra upgrade points for the ones you already have.

Upgrade commander first

It is pretty expensive to upgrade your commander card first, but that’s the card you need to keep alive at any cost so it makes sense to upgrade it once before you move to the other cards.

Only upgrade cards you’ll use

Do you have a favorite card? If you do, this means that it will always be in your deck, so start by upgrading that card. Upgrading cards that you will end up not using is a waste of points, so make sure that you only invest in the best possible cards.

Fusion cards for super cards

It will be pretty tough to do it, but Fusion is the best way to win your duels. You need to combine two or more cards in order to get a super one, so make sure you always know what cards are required for fusion and do it as soon as you have them (and make sure you never sell them by mistake!) You can also get new commanders this way!

Promote your commander

Hitting the Promote button under the commander’s icon gets you to a menu that allows you to promote him (Reinforce). You need artifacts for that though, and in order to get them, the easiest bet is to got o battle against other players.

Battle other players

Not only that you get the chance to steal their artifacts and promote your commanders, but if you win a duel you also win a precious upgrade point for your cards.

So make sure that you battle others as often as possible (and win those battles). A good idea is to start with those that require less shields as they are usually weaker.

Use cards from the same race or type

Some cards can boost the stats of other cards, but only if they are of a specific race or class.

You can check out the class in the upper left corner and the race from the card’s color. So make sure to play them at the same time otherwise it will be a waste of special skill!

Never use autoplay

While it can be easy to win against AI controlled commanders on the lower levels, after you get 2 stars in your missions, things get a bit more complicated and you should take care of the battles by yourself. I used to autoplay missions and lose a lot of them and once I played them myself I won.

Keep on playing

Basically, the more active you are, the better your chances at getting more gold, cards and getting better overall.

So there’s one way to go for it: practice makes perfect, as I have already told you, so make sure you log in daily for better bonuses and that you play hard!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow Tyrant Unleashed players? Let us know by commenting below!

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Tyrant Unleashed Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Deck


  1. I have a question,
    I am keeping atleast one of every card incase i may need them, swap commander, or even being for fusion now or later, is it wise to do this, will i ever use them, or should i salvage them, for atm im salvaging only my doubles, ty for any help.

    • some fusions need multiple cards instead of only 1.
      i play with mostly imperial cards but i love my deck ;-)
      2 terminator mechs
      3 aegis 5/6
      1 blitz plate 4/4
      1 stormreaver 2/6
      1 vigil 4/6
      1 sanctuary 4/6
      and got commander halcyon 4/6

      inventory :
      3 terminators
      1 tiamat 5/6
      2 absorption shields
      2 stingers
      1 havoc
      2 reavers
      1 sanctuary 3/6
      1 nimbus 4/6
      1 omega

      trying to make it full imperial but my main problem is SP
      making a team depends wish race you want …
      i play mostly with armour and rally and lot’s of healing,
      but still got lots of good cards sitting in the bench.

      Greetz Evolved007

    • You should salvage any common cards and some of the useless rare cards. Because there are 3 more levels of ranking higher than those, and most of your good fusions will be gold cards, or epics and legendary. Also, those points all add up and will give your team a good boost if you upgrade the right cards

  2. I have found it helpful to use cards that have the Berserk skill, and if possible try to get cards with Leech skill and team healers. It’s very helpful to use different and all of the types of skills to figure out which ones work best together and what skills don’t work. Also, as suggested above, Upgrading and Fusion is very important. You should always be trying to upgrade the best cards for fusion, also, just check out the fusion section to see what cards you need to upgrade. Always battle to get better commanders after each rank up. Notice, you cannot salvage your commanders, so I would recommend not upgrading your commanders past level 3 until you have a legendary, or higher ranked commander.


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