We have talked about Trial by Survival for iOS in a review published earlier today, and now we should go a bit more in depth with the survival part and see what to do in order to increase our chances of survival for all the 14 days. It won’t be easy and there might be some permanent deaths along the way, but practice makes perfect and I already have some practice ready to be shared with you. So let’s check out below TTP’s Trial by Survival cheats: a set of tips & tricks to help you see another day!

Always clear your areas before exiting!
If you manage to get the “area clear” message before you hit the exit of a stage, you are entitled to win a special bonus from the chest – wheels, perks coins or even premium currency and usually a lot more than you can scavenge from the levels themselves. So always make sure that you get the area clear bonus!

Get the Aim Bonus
When in game, fighting the zombie hordes, try to get the aim bonus as often as possible. This gives you a bit more resources, but is difficult to get: in order to get this aim bonus, you need to stand still facing the zombie and hit them when they arrive. This best works with solitary zombies or in cases when you don’t risk getting surrounded. If you do, play the safe way and forget about the bonus until you are free again!

Always save gears for armor
Your in-game armor never regenerates and each shield (from a maximum of 5) costs 150 gears. So BEFORE entering a new level, make sure that you have saved for at least one shield refill. Things are easier at first, but zombies become more aggressive and increase in numbers as the days go by.

Always be on the move
Standing still and waiting for the zombies is a bad idea. Always move in circles if you have firearms and shoot the zombies or backwards in a straight line if you are using melee weapons. But whatever you do, never get trapped in a corner because it’s probably game over for you in that case!

Save for the best weapons
I would suggest sticking to the crowbar for a while and never invest in the Axe. The crowbar will increase its rating (just like all weapons) and even though it won’t get as lethal as the Axe’s one hit-one kill ratio, it will do its job and help you save for better weapons. The revolver is my first choice since it’s not a lot worse than the more expensive pistol and after a while I would suggest getting the Pump Shotgun. Weapons that waste ammo are not really in my comfort zone and shouldn’t be in yours either.

Buy Perks based on your play style
There is a multitude of perks available and just two slots for you to equip them, therefore I would suggest getting only those that matter. If you use pistols, you might want to get the perk that helps you find more handgun ammo and combine it with the Glitch bonus (which is generally a good one to have with you. Those XP perks and speed increase and range for picking up objects are just a waste of skill points!

Scavenge areas when you have premium currency
As soon as you get some premium currency, you can spend it to scavenge the area you are in and search for items lost by other players. You do this in the menu by tapping the hand icon and selecting the player you want to scavenge. I believe that it’s pretty random, but you can find new weapons or some grenades that are really helpful!

Stay away from the zombie horde
It’s fun to kill the zombie horde and face them, but usually it’s safer to stay away from them. So make sure that you keep clear until you have no other option than face them. Good luck with that!

Investigate areas with fires
Every now and then, you will see cities that have smoke coming out of them. You should investigate those since it’s easy resources and very few zombies. The downturn of this is that you can’t get an “area clear” bonus.

Play in the arena
Increase your survival chances by playing in the arena. You should do this as much as possible, as you will get 1 premium currency for every 80 zombies that you kill (which is really easy to do, especially after you get some kind of firearm unlocked in the arena). Then, you can use those premium coins to scavenge and get great items for free. A must do if you want to survive! Also, you can use here all the perks that you have unlocked in the Survival mode!

And these are our tips and tricks for Trial by Survival. Follow them and you will have better chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse – or at least the whole 14 days


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