Welcome back Autobots! We’re back today with another Transformers: Forged to Fight guide. This time we’ll go over the different ways of getting more Bot Crystals. Bot Crystals come in different varieties, usually pertaining to the rarity of the bots inside. Since the game has just launched, there are only a couple ways of getting more bot crystals.

So let’s see what we can get with our Transformers: Forged to Fight guide on how to get more bot crystals! And if you need more help with the game, don’t hesitate to check out our tips and tricks article.


1. Explore the entire chapter!

You know how in certain levels the road will split and you have to pick a path? Well whichever path you didn’t take actually goes towards your exploration completion, so you’ll need to revisit the level and go down that path if you want 100% exploration for the level. And you do want this, because if you get 100% exploration on the entire act, you’ll receive a 3-Star Bot Crystal in addition to the Premium Bot Crystal you get for just beating the act.

Unlike the premium crystal (which ranges from 2 to 4-star bots), you are guaranteed to get a 3-star bot in that crystal! During a level, keep an eye on the routes on the ground. A filled in route means you’ve gone that way before, while a dashed route means its unexplored.

On top of all this, you will earn precious Energon – the premium currency of this game – everytime you fully explore a level.

2. Join an Alliance!

Alliances are groups of commanders working together to fight through the world of Transformers. Being in an alliance has a ton of benefits, like sharing resources, speeding up energy recovery, and receiving help from fellow alliance members. In the event of a raid, you can also call upon assistance from alliance members. The most important thing though are loyalty points. When you help or donate resources to the alliance, you’ll earn Loyalty Points.

There’s a separate crystal you can buy in the shop from 1,000 LP. These crystals have a random assortment of goodies in them, but they also have a chance to have 2-star bots in them! Since you’re going to be earning LP as you play, this is a nice way to have a chance at some decent bots.

3. Participate in Arenas!

At level 10 you will gain access to Arenas. Arenas are time-limited special events where you’ll fight against other players’ squads using a set of bots that must meet certain a criteria. The second one starts you should try to participate! Arenas are one of the few methods of earning Shard Crystals, the super rare currency that can be used for Bot Crystals.

You’ll find lots of arenas awarding 3-star and 2-star shard crystals, but occasionally there will be an arena that has 4-star shards! The only other way you can earn shard crystals are through special events and alliance missions. Needless to say you will have very limited opportunities to earn shard crystals so make sure you’re on the ball about them!

Of course, you will have to actually compete with other players to place high enough of the leaderboard to earn the rewards. Even if you don’t place too high, you are almost always guaranteed some energon, so it’s never a waste of time!

So far, that’s all of the ways we’ve found that reward energon and bot crystals. If you have any other tips or tricks on getting new bots, let us know in the comments below!



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