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Creating the best build in Towerlands is not an easy task, because you have a ton of units to choose from and only a very limited number of slots that you can use. Combine that with limited resources as well and you know that you have to be really picky when choosing your options.

Today we’re here to help you make those perfect choices: we’ll share with you the best Towerlands units to add to your tower, and basically the best Towerlands build – so that you can easily beat all waves.

We have already shared some basics about this (and much more) in our Towerlands guide, so make sure to check it out as well for additional advice. But now, let’s focus on today’s important topic!

Towerlands: Best Units

I am generally calling these “units” but we’re actually talking about all the things that you can use to make your in-game tower better: the units themselves, but also the Modules and Turrets that you can use to upgrade your tower.

Before deciding which are the best units to use on your tower, we have to discuss another important thing:

How to unlock all units in Towerlands

The main way to do this is by leveling up and going through the campaign battles. You will also unlock special units by defeating specific targets on the map.

One extremely important thing to note is that you will be able to unlock some units early by spending diamonds. I really recommend not to do this if you are a free to play player, since you will be allowed to unlock them with regular coins later on in the game.

There is no need to purchase all units and even less so to upgrade them all. Focus on the ones that you want to use the most, having in mind that some units are useless for the long term, while most of the ones that you will unlock later on in the game will replace the early units.

Towerlands: Unique Units

From the game shop you can buy up to 5 unique units. You can see them below:

Towerlands Unique Units

These are extremely powerful units which can’t be obtained for free. Therefore, I will not include them on my list of the best units in Towerlands, but if you want to buy them, they will indeed offer you a massive advantage.

Based on the details that I can check, I would say that the Pharaoh is extremely useful, followed by one of the two summoners (but since we don’t have details about the actual units they summon, it’s difficult to say).

Which are the best units in Towerlands?

Towerlands Best Units

I would divide the units available in three categories: mages, archers and unit spawners. While they can all prove to be useful in combat, I would rank them like this: mages as the strongest, unit spawners second and archers third.

The other types of units – like the looter or the worker and eventually the Veteran are useless. Focus on having units that deal damage and take out the enemy.

Your stage in the game also matters when deciding which are the best units to use. The starting Archer will be good throughout the game, while the Veteran will be good to have early on as it helps you level up much faster.

But once you reach level 30 and get Zeus, I would say that things start to shape up and you can focus on the main heroes to use in battle. These are:

– Zeus
– Earth Mage
– Fire Mage
– Ice Mage
– Ranger
– Commander
– Old Paladin

In my opinion, the Earth Mage + Ice Mage is one of the most powerful combos in the game: stunning enemies and slowing them down is exactly what you need to keep your enemies away from the tower and safely take them out.

When it comes to modules, you want things that deal damage, ideally to all types of enemies: you don’t want to focus on defeating ground enemies and let a few flying units destroy your tower because you don’t have any defence against it!

For the central spot, I would say that I really like the starting Ballista as it does solid damage and is useful for a long while. Later on, the Magic Sphere becomes useful as it deals area damage.

For the bottom spot, I like the Hammer as it does solid damage to enemies that reach the tower, but also pushes them back and stuns them. Really useful!

Mixing them together is actually the key to victory, but we’re going to talk about this and more tower build options below.

Towerlands: Best Build

Based on your level, you will have more or fewer slots available inside your tower and your build will be influenced by that mostly.

Before going into more depth, I am sharing below three different builds for three different in-game stages, from a pretty basic one (around level 30), to a more advanced build (level 60) and an end game one (level 120).

Early game Towerlands Build:

Towerlands Best Build Early Game

Mid game Towerlands Build:

Towerlands Best Build Mid Game

Late game Towerlands Build:

Towerlands Best Build Late Game

In my opinion, it is key for you to find the right balance between the types of troops you bring into your tower: you can’t go full spec with just mages or just summoners, you need a bit of each.

Mages are the most important though – Earth, Fire and Ice Mages are the obvious choice here, followed by the Commander and Old Paladin. But it all depends on the stage that you’re in and how many unit slots you have unlocked.

If you have other builds to recommend – or if you think that other units should be listed here as “best units” in the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


  1. Hi I would like to add that the dragon Lords summoned dragon is a bit broke. There is like a 15% chance it will not move when you summon it. So I would probably get the other one if I was to choose again.

  2. That Old Paladin man, it’s weak. I tried it and they just don’t last. I got him Level 30 and Im Lv87 now but that Druid is stro ger than the Old Paladin.

  3. The Old Paladin is for pushing away monster. You can take spear men instead. But using one of them is great. Druid is really good also, but it cant replace Paladin or Spear Men. You can use druid and paladin but not just druid in my opinion.

  4. So I use all summoners, Zeus, archer, the magic sphere and archers.
    My tower is level 130 and I’m on level 175.
    My summoners will have 14 characters on the board pushing enemies back stopping them in their tracks. Zeus attacks 6 at once.

  5. What I Use Im Tower lvl 130 and defeated up to date lvl 200 with all level 59 lvl units: Air, Fire, Earth, Ice Mage – both Ice and Earth is needed to slow the enemies, Air is needed on the difficult rounds to push enemies which buys reload time / You can substitute fire to Zeus, i do sometimes. For Spawners: Druid, Commander, Old Paladin & Valkyrie – you need strong creatures, also they tank a lot of damage. Valks help with the air monsters they also teleport. For tower modules I use magic sphere, crossbow, and hammer. Area damage is always king in a game like this. This same army (all at lvl50) got to defeat lvl 180 while my tower was lvl 115.

  6. I don’t want to brag buy my towers lvl 150 and I’m fighting lvl 150 and my troops are caped at 25 and my building as well but my archers at the top of the tower is Lvl 40. Area damage is key and also I’m not gonna tell you what I’m using cuz it’s so ez to figure out.

  7. well iv spend some time testing allot of things and i think ATT Speed + Area DMG is OP as hell, i use Zeus at the top followed by ranger + Northern Archer under him, under them is worker + Alchemist, and at the bottom i have battle drummer + Elf + Prophet, as you can see there is a perfect balance between Archers and mages and for good reason, they all complement each other perfectly for example


    Battle drummer =ATT Speed + ATT DMG + Critical hit for EVERYONE (25% + 40% + 50% + X% for 5 sec)
    ELF =ATT Speed to Archers (100% for 7 sec)
    Prophet =ATT Speed + DMG to ALL MAGES (50% + 45% + 100% for 5 sec)
    Rangers =ATT DMG ALL ARCHERS (20%)
    Worker =ATT Speed modules + Tower Strength + Regen (25% + 10% + 5 health/sec) also active ability
    restores towers health by 20% and that can save you many times 30sec reload -10% with skills

    note: most Buffers offer ATT Speed and when you combine it with skills it really makes a difference
    Skills=Increas UNIT ATT Speed + Module ATT Speed + lowering the time to reload abilities
    makes Buffers even more potent


    Zeus =ATT 6 targets + Stun
    ranger =Shoots 3 Arrows + Bleed
    Northern Archer = Area ATT + Freeze
    Alchemist =Area ATT + Active ability

    Note: ALL DAMAGERS have Area ATT, and although most of them don’t have active abilities they make up in status effects, plus Northern Archers has a secret he is a Archer and a mage (for some reason Prophets buff applies to him to) and a ability of a extra 20% ATT Speed

    MODULES (from top to bottom)

    Archers =they slow down enemies
    Mechanical Crossbow =Area ATT
    Magic Shield =optional but it helps alot and after 40sec it gives you the barrier again
    Armor Plates =cause mele units wount ever reach you so this is the best option

    Note: half of the modules are focused on defense because all your units except worker is focused on att but magic shield can be swapped for something else depending on your play stile


    Gunner Turret =Buffs Archers + xp
    Mage Turret =Buffs Mages
    Electrical Turret =Area ATT
    Fire Turret =Area ATT


    everything that can boost Archers, Mages & Module ATT Speed + ATT DMG and Critical chance and unit ATT Range

    Hope This Works for you Cause I am loving it


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