Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG with gacha elements that allow players to perform pulls for new playable characters and other items that buff characters and their different attributes. With the existence of Gacha in Tower of Fantasy, we also have a working Pity system in place. And many players are eager to know how does pity works in Tower of Fantasy gacha. If you are one such player? Check out our guide Tower of Fantasy Pity system explained.

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Tower of Fantasy Pity System Explained

The Tower of Fantasy Pity system is a little different and more generous than what we see with other gacha games. First of all, the Tower of Fantasy Pity system has no reset. It means you can get SSR and SR characters, aka Simulacra, and their artifacts like items called Matrix before and after hitting pity. That aside, below you will find Pity for Simulacra and Matrixes –

  • Simulacra Pity – 80 pulls 
  • Matrix Pity – 40 pulls   

How Does Pity Works in Tower of Fantasy Gacha

Pity comes into play when players start performing gacha pulls in Tower of Fantasy’s Simulacra and Matrixes gacha, including limited time and permanent banners, some called Special Orders. 

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Keep in mind! The pity counter in Tower of Fantasy works only when you are using the premium currency Gold Nucleus and Red Nucleus for performing the gacha-pulls. There’s one more currency called Black Nucleus that you can use for gacha pulls. However, it doesn’t affect the Pity counter. 

So, suppose you are performing gacha pulls on any banner. And your Pity counter is at 60, and you perform one or more pulls using Black Nucleus. The Pity counter will remain at 60. 

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That aside, if you get an SSR Simulacra or Matrix before Pity, you will get a guaranteed Simulacra or Matrix even when you hit Pity since there is no Pity reset. 

That is it. We hope you now know how Pity works in Tower of Fantasy. If you have any doubts on the game’s Pity system or any other mechanic. Mention it in the comments, and we will try to help. 

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha-based MMORPG available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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Tower of Fantasy Pity System Explained: How Does Pity Works in Tower of Fantasy Gacha


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