by Voodoo comes to offer a really nice alternative to Lion Studios’ Big Big Baller which has been topping the App Store charts for a few days now. And we’re here to help you get better at it by sharing a bunch of tips and cheats to keep on winning.

Our Tornado io tips and tricks will help you build the bigger tornado in no time, enjoy all the game modes and become an unstoppable legend in the game. And, of course, have a lot of fun in the mean time from doing this. Because everything is a lot more fun when you’re winning, right?

Of course it is! So let’s not waste a single second: let’s check out below some tips and cheats!

A good start is vital
Getting some items into your twister and helping yourself grow early on is extremely important: the faster you can increase your size, the better.

Therefore, I recommend blowing away from all the other players as soon as the game starts in order to increase your chances of getting to places with tons of items before everybody else.

If you can’t be alone in an area, at least make sure that you’re the first to get to the important parts on the map: simply swipe away from opponents and move to a different direction in order to make that happen.

Finally, try not to waste any time in areas that have already been cleaned out by other players: the faster you can grow here, the better it will be in the long run and the more #1 spots you’ll get at the end of the day!

Lift your finger off the screen, then place it back
I found out that doing this (sometimes even a few times per match) improves my directions. For some reason, as soon as the game starts, I do a lot better in terms of controls of my twister if I lift the finger off the screen, then place it back. So give this a try in order to be able to fully control it.

Find a good spot to grow
When you find a solid place with tons of good items to consume, don’t move away from there until you’ve dried it out: these spots can help you increase in size once or twice, and that is when you really become dangerous.

Being on the move constantly is not a good idea unless you’re in areas that have already been cleared out – in which case you should move away as fast as possible. But as soon as you get to a crowded area, take advantage of it and blow into everything.

Only consume things appropriate to your size
As soon as your tornado becomes large enough to be able to suck in the large vehicles, houses and planes – and anything huge, actually, that is what you should focus on. It’s a snowball effect here and the largest objects that you can claim should be your main priority in order to become larger than life – and do it fast.

When you are very large, don’t waste too much time with smaller items and only fly through them if they’re along the way towards the really huge targets.

Start taking out those other tornadoes!
In order to really boost up your points (and prevent other players from becoming too large), you should start going into other tornadoes sooner rather than later.

Usually, I don’t really focus on hitting others until the first minute passes. During this time I focus on growing as much as possible – and by this time I am usually the biggest or a top 3 tornado. Now it’s time to do some killing and rule the lands!

It’s easy to see where other tornadoes are by checking out the indicators and arrows to the sides of the map (and distances are shown there as well!) Simply start heading towards areas with other players, but only if there’s something for you to fly though along the way.

Once there, start following the other tornadoes (while getting other objects too) and destroy them – if you can do multiple in a row, that’s even better because you get more points.

And unlike Big Big Baller, for example, I have the impression that the larger I grow and more other players I destroy, my own twister becomes faster instead of slower, and that is a huge advantage!

Try the various game modes
Fortunately for us, offers a few game modes, so you don’t have to always compete against others if you don’t feel like doing so. Each of the other game modes also helps you unlock more skins for your own tornadoes, so don’t hesitate to give them a try as well.

You can change the game modes from the main menu, before starting a game, and you can either go hunting Slimes (controlled by AI and they work in a similar way to tornadoes) or go on a wrecking adventure, trying to destroy the entire map all by yourself!

This would be all we have for fellow players right now. A mighty fun game, for sure, and if you happen to have other strategies that work, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!


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