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Top 7 Mobile Games of 2022

Top 7 Mobile Games of 2022
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2023 is just around the corner! It’s time to look back at the year that is almost behind us and sum up what good it brought to the world of mobile gaming.

2022 was a great year for all the fans of mobile video games, bringing several noteworthy titles in various genres that will most likely gain even more traction in the next year.

If you’re looking for some new quality options to play this holiday season, check out our list of the top 7 mobile games of 2022 arranged in no particular order.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles gameplay
Image via Com2uS

Summoners War has been around for almost a decade now, but 2022 brought us the latest installment set in this universe—Summoners War: Chronicles, whose story serves as a prequel to Sky Arena and Lost Centuria.

In this action RPG, you play the role of one of the Summoners while trying to uncover the sinister plot that’s been destabilizing the Rahil Kingdom. In your adventures, you will rely on the help of more than 350 monsters that you can collect, level up, and combine to create the best possible team and defeat all the enemies in your way.

Summoners War: Chronicles players get to explore a huge and beautiful world with incredible graphics, whether playing on PC, Android, or iOS devices.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile artwork
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fans of Apex Legends have been waiting for a long time to play their favorite battle royale on mobile devices, but 2022 saw that wait come to an end. This first-person shooter offers the same gameplay elements on mobile devices as on consoles or PC—drop with your team on a map and try to eliminate your opponents before they get you.

While Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t support cross-play, it does a great job of transferring the almost-the-same in-game experience to Android and iOS devices.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors gameplay
Image via Poncle

One of the latest additions to the 2022 portfolio of mobile games is Vampire Survivors, a minimalist timed survival RPG where you get to fight the waves of—you guessed it, vampires—until death claims you.

If that doesn’t sound too convincing, you should know that surviving is not the only goal. Vampire Survivors is full of unlockable characters, accomplishments, weapons, and items that will keep you invested for hours. You can get Vampire Survivors for free on Google Play or App Store.

Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse Gameplay
Image via Kabam Games, Inc.

This year made Disney fans who love their mobile games super happy when Disney Mirrorverse got released in June 2022. Fighting evil doppelgangers of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters is as fun as it sounds in this gacha RPG that is available on iOS and Android devices.

Dangerous dungeons, limited-time events, the Story Quest mode, and childhood heroes with special attacks and powers to show off your strategic skills—Disney Mirrorverse will keep you glued to your phone with no effort.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap gameplay
Image via Second Dinner

You don’t need to be a hardcore fan of card games to love Marvel Snap. It is intuitive, free to play, and thoroughly addictive. The best part is that each game lasts up to three minutes, and they’re never boring thanks to more than 50 locations that give special abilities.

If you’re into collectibles, love Marvel superheroes, and appreciate microtransactions that don’t take away from the joy of play, this game should end up on your list of the 2022 mobile games you need to try. You can get Marvel Snap for your device on Google Play or App Store for free.


Stitch gameplay
Image via Lykke Studios

A game revolving around digital embroidery may look like an odd choice for the list of top mobile games of any year, but Stitch. is here to change your mind. This iOS exclusive starts with simple and intuitive gameplay where you need to solve seemingly easy stitching puzzles, but it captures your attention fast enough with its dedication to the tiniest visual details and the satisfaction of finishing your work of art after some serious head-scratching.


Poinpy gameplay
Image via Ojiro Fumoto

2022 proved that Netflix is not playing around in its effort to expand into the world of mobile gaming. Besides Desta: The Memories Between, we got another pleasant surprise from Netflix this year—Poinpy, a satisfying, approachable game where you need to launch your character up and up, trying to avoid the Blue Beast that follows you as you climb and hopes you will end up as its snack.

You only need to swipe with one finger to play Poinpy, but, despite the simplicity, this game is incredibly addictive and gets progressively challenging as you go. Poinpy is available on App Store and Google Play.

That was our selection of the best mobile gaming titles released in 2022. Let us know in the comments if you would add any other games to our list and make sure to check out our list of the best games with high-quality graphics for iOS and Android or our list of best idle games to play in 2023.

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Top 7 Mobile Games of 2022


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